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Things To Do In Newport, RI & Common Questions

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Is Newport, Rhode Island Worth Visiting?

Newport, Rhode Island, is definitely worth visiting! The mansions on Bellevue Avenue are spectacular. The Rosecliff Mansion was the filming location for a variety of films including, “True Lies,” “Amistad,” and “The Great Gatsby.” The largest of the mansions is the Breakers, which was made during the Gilded Age for Cornelius Vanderbilt's summer residence. Or check out the Marble House, which is literally made of only marble! It, too, was built for members of the Vanderbilt family and was known as their summer “cottage.” Wow! There are several other sites worth visiting. Take in the picturesque scenery on the Cliff Walk, which provides views of the mansions and ocean, or you can visit the Newport Art Museum. You’ll find that downtown Newport is always bustling with people enjoying drinks, food, art, or shopping.


Is Newport, Rhode Island Expensive?

The cost of living in Newport, RI overall, has an index of 134.3, while the United States average is 100, and the state of Rhode Island is 110.6. Similarly, the Newport grocery index is 110.1, health 84.7, housing 208.1, utilities 112.4, and transportation is 91.8. If you are not planning on moving there but are just visiting, we recommend that you not go in June or July if you are low on funds. The tourist season runs from May through October, with the highest peak in the latter months along with the highest costs. 


Is Newport, Rhode Island a Wealthy Area?

About 57% of individuals who live in Newport, RI, pay rents of around $1,236 a month. The 43% of residents who own their homes have their houses valued at $448,800, on average. This is twice as much as the national average of $217,500. Newport households bring in about $67,102 a year, which is just above the national average of $62,843. If people think most residents are wealthy, they probably get confused with the mega-mansions they have heard about or seen on Bellevue Avenue. There are, however, some wealthy residents there, including one billionaire named Jonathan Nelson, who is the CEO of Providence Equity Partners.


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