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Snow Day Moving Tips

Moving is hard enough without moving in the winter. If you are planning a winter move to Rhode Island, be prepared for the extra considerations that come with moving in the snow. You will want to look in to RI moving companies that have experience moving in the snow so that they can help you with the process.

Stay Warm When Moving in the Snow

Wear appropriate clothing. Think winter athletic clothes like thick leggings, sleek thermal jackets, and waterproof boots. It can be hard to carry furniture in a puffy winter coat.  Now would also be a good time to invest in some good quality gloves that are waterproof and have a good grip. Get an extra pair because after hours of moving they will inevitably soak through.  

Have plenty of coffee, hot chocolate, or tea available. Consider using space heaters in pockets of your home to act as warm havens. Don’t forget to drink water. Even though it is freezing outside, moving still involves a lot of physical labor. You will want to stay hydrated.

Protect Your Home & Stuff When Moving in the Winter

It is important to have a clear path from your house to the moving truck. Shovel the front walk, the driveway, the sidewalks, as well as the street out front, and even more importantly, salt everywhere. The last thing you need is black ice when you are moving grandma’s glass vase.

Be conscious of how you pack. Lay a tarp down in the moving truck and consider placing your waterproof items on the bottom or wrapping up the bottom boxes to keep them from getting wet. Keep electronics from getting wet and move them in your car instead so they stay warm. Hiring professional movers in Rhode Island to pack for you could make a big difference.

Lay a rug, towels, or a tarp down inside the entrance of your home. You want enough space for people to be able to wipe their feet dry without having to crowd together on a tiny welcome mat. Neglecting to do this could result in injuries from a slippery wet floor.

Load up on towels, tarps, blankets, trash bags, and even an umbrella. If it starts to snow while loading or unloading the truck, you will need these to protect your stuff and keep everyone dry.

Winter roads can be treacherous to navigate, especially if you have a fancy sports car, motorcycle, or antique car. Rather than crossing your fingers for a clear day to drive to your new home, consider Rhode Island auto movers.  All My Sons Moving & Storage Rhode Island long-distance movers will transport your automobile safely for you.

Most importantly, have a Plan B. While moving in a bit of snow is okay, moving during a blizzard or a nor’easter is not. Keep in contact with your movers in Rhode Island if you notice a storm coming. All My Sons Moving & Storage Rhode Island long-distance movers are here to help you with your winter move to Rhode Island or the other side of the country rain, snow, or shine.