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How to Make Your Own Toilet Cleaner | All My Sons Moving & Storage

What is stopping you from regularly cleaning the toilet? If it is the level of fun, we can’t help you there. If it’s the store-bought toilet cleaners, our Rhode Island long-distance movers have just the toilet cleaner recipe you need. You can keep a sanitary bathroom with natural ingredients. Save time and money when you learn how to make your own toilet cleaner.

Toilet Cleaner Recipe

The following toilet cleaner fights the toughest of dirt and grime. The required ingredients are standard household items. You will need two cups of baking soda, a teaspoon of essential oils, two cups white vinegar, a storage container, a wooden spoon, and a toilet brush. Our Barrington movers recommend a tea tree essential oil. Combine baking soda and essential oils. Be sure to avoid metal products and use a glass mixing bowl to prevent a chemical reaction. Store the mixture in a glass container (at room temperature) until you need to clean the toilet.

How to Clean the Toilet

This is where the vinegar is needed. Make sure you do not add the vinegar beforehand, or the baking soda will react. When you go to clean the toilet, take the DIY toilet cleaner and vinegar. Put a spoonful of the cleaner in the toilet and around the sides of the toilet bowl. Add vinegar and watch the chemical reaction. Then, you are ready to clean the toilet with the toilet brush. Do not forget to clean the outside of the toilet to ensure first-class cleanliness. Keeping your bathroom clean is made easy when you make your own toilet cleaner.

Advantages of DIY Cleaning Supplies

Make your own toilet cleaner for a spotless bathroom. You no longer need to trek to the store for a chemical-filled cleaner. Save time and money with DIY cleaning supplies. These homemade products include simple ingredients that are better for the environment and your wallet. You will get many uses from just one toilet cleaner mixture. No one is ecstatic to clean the toilet, but hopefully making your own cleaner will motivate you to clean regularly. Just watch the toughest of dirt disappear!

When you move, use this ultra-strong toilet cleaner recipe to remove filth from previous owners. Giving your new home a deep clean is stressful, trust our Rhode Island local movers to handle your move. Our professionals promise excellent customer care with over two decades of experience. Whether you need local or long-distance services, our Rhode Island movers have all of your moving, packing, and commercial needs covered.

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