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How to Save Money on Moving Services

Affordable Moving Tips from Our expert Movers

Looking to save more than just a few bucks on your moving services? Take a look at some of your moving tips and tricks below! Our Rhode Island movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage are pros and want you to have not only the fastest and organized move, but economical.

Packing Supplies

At All My Sons Moving & Storage we sell durable packing supplies that will get you ready for any move. Save money by purchasing any packing supplies you might not already have at home with us. We sell packing tape, moving boxes of all shapes and sizes and we have plenty of equipment for use. Or, if you want to avoid any moving supplies expenses, try wrapping your belongings with your own blankets or soft items. Also, another method is to try organizing items that are similar in level of fragility together. For example, for all your gentle items that need extra care, pack those together. Another tip is to use common household items to pack. Do you have any storage containers or plastic bins in your house that are not being used? Use those instead to save on moving boxes. Also, shoe boxes are great means for storing small items as well so they don’t get lost or misplaced.

Packing Services

At All My sons we offer optional packing services for customers that need additional assistance moving. Although we do offer this service, there are plenty of Do-It-Yourself ways to pack, so when moving day comes, all our Rhode Island movers need to do is help your move. To make moving a more affordable option, ask friends and family for help. We all know that one family member that is very organized and can help you with getting things nice and tidy for a smooth moving day

Minimize as much as possible

Sell or donate some of your belongings you no longer use. The less items you have collected, the less packing supplies and time you will use on your moving day. In Rhode Island you can visit stores such as Plato’s Closet, where they will buy your second hand clothing that’s in good condition and in style. Or, if you have furniture or household appliances you are no longer in need of, host a yard sale prior to your move. Yard or garage sales are effective with getting your items sold at a faster speed. Although, if you are not in a rush, try using mobile apps such as OfferUp, in Rhode Island to sell. OfferUp is a mobile app that was created for locals wanting to buy, sell, or trade their items in local cities.

Hire All My Sons!

The last and most important moving tip on how to save money on moving services, hire us! We are affordable and efficient. Our team of Rhode Island movers are friendly and hardworking. We will get you moved in no time. Trust our Rhode Island movers to get your family or business moved in. We offer low rates for moving services including moving, packing, and storage.

Contact us today to speak with one of our expert moving consultants. We will provide you with a custom moving package specifically set for your needs. Call us today at 401-854-1500 and trust our family to move yours!