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Moving to Rhode Island

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Moving to Rhode Island? There are several moving companies in Rhode Island, the most trusted and reliable is All My Sons Moving & Storage. With over 30 years of experience, All My Sons Moving & Storage is hands down the best. Our customer service is the foundation on which this company was founded and remains at the forefront of what keeps it going. Our dedicated staff has been trained to provide unmatched levels of safety and efficiency with every move. Call us today and speak with a certified moving coordinator to get the ball rolling on your Rhode Island relocation.


What Is the First Thing to Do When Moving to Rhode Island?

To begin, measure your new home to create a floor plan, which will be a reference to direct the movers. Plus, you will have narrowed down what furniture you can and cannot fit into your new home. Once this step is complete, begin to sort your belongings. You want to have four piles: trash, donate, sell, and keep. For the items you are keeping, label them well! Write clearly what is in the box, what room it should be in, if it is fragile, and if it should be opened first. 

Once you have the majority of your belongings packed, call All My Sons Moving & Storage for a FREE no-obligation quote. Discuss the level of insurance and moving date you would like. If applicable, ask building maintenance about moving regulations and check if there are special parking permits for moving trucks.


Who Do I Need to Tell When I Move?

Let your employer know you are moving. Request days off and update your contact information with payroll. Transfer school transcripts and medical records for your children. Schedule a pet appointment to obtain their ID tags, medications, and paperwork. Make sure they are up-to-date on vaccinations. 

Change your license and registration with the DMV. Update your address with the Post Office, and change your subscriptions and memberships. Next, inform insurance companies, banks, other lenders, IRS, Social Security Administration, and Veteran Affairs, if applicable. 

Schedule an appointment with the utility companies to get a final meter reading and close out your accounts. Open your new utility accounts, including gas, electricity, cable, trash, water, and sewage. Lastly, get phone numbers for public safety and other significant public agencies you may need.


What Should I Do Two Weeks Before Moving?

Two weeks before moving, start cleaning your home. Return items like library books or other borrowed items and pick up your dry cleaning. If you have a lot of food leftover, donate it to a local food bank. Make sure you have tip money for the movers. Most importantly, unplug your freezer and drain your water hoses. 


What Do I Do On Moving Day?

On moving day, start by making sure your walls and floors are protected. Then, when the movers begin putting your items on the truck, note their condition. If there are any damages during the move, fill out an insurance claim. Use the floor plan and labels to help guide the movers. Don’t forget to stay hydrated! Last but not least, tip your movers, and write a review. If you were renting previously, do a final walkthrough with your old landlord.

All My Sons Moving & Storage hopes that this list helps. For a more comprehensive list, check out our Ultimate Moving Checklist titled Is There A Checklist For Moving? You can also call our Rhode Island Movers today!