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Deciding What to Keep and What to Toss?

Feeling stressed about your upcoming move? While All My Sons Moving and Storage of Raleigh will get your precious belongings there safely, you might need some help deciding what to bring and what to toss.

However, before you even start packing, make sure to have plenty of the following supplies.

  1. Boxes: While it may seem obvious, you would be surprised how much room all those elementary and high school yearbooks actually take up. Plus, the extra boxes can double as hours of an entertainment for all cats out there. Cat owners can thank me later.
  2. Bubble wrap: Nothing is worse than unpacking your mirrors and realizing you just gave yourself seven years of bad luck merely because you forgot to wrap it in bubble wrap. It will also save you from having to eat off of paper plates because all your plates did not make the trip. And if you are feeling especially economical, cancel the baby sitter and let your kids go to town on all the unpacked bubble wrap. Endless hours of entertainment!
  3. Duct tape: No, it is not for your screaming children on hour three of the road trip to your new home. Make sure to stock up on plenty of duct tape so you can double wrap all your boxes and make sure nothing breaks open.
  4. Checklist: Come moving day you may find yourself feeling a little frazzled. Do yourself a favor by labeling all your boxes and logging them on your handy dandy checklist.

Now that you have all the essentials to make packing day run as smoothly as possible, here are some tips on what to bother packing and what to leave behind.

  1. The general rule of “if you have not worn it in a year, throw it out” will not only help significantly consolidate packing your wardrobe but also keep you from looking like Jennifer Beals in Flashdance.
  2. While wasting food has always made me cry a little bit on the inside, chances are you do not want to spend time packing all those easily perishable foods.
  3. If your highschool notebooks never made it out of the boxes from the last move, it is time to toss them.
  4. Moving from Nova Scotia to Miami? Then those winter coats and fur boots will probably find more use as a donation to Good Will than on a yacht in eighty degree weather.
  5. For those of you moving long distances, it is probably best to bequeath all your indoor and outdoor plants to one of the neighbors.
  6. Again, moving from Miami to landlocked Oklahoma? You will not need to pack your bulky water skis or scuba diving gear.
  7. Still holding on to your video tapes and VCR in the hopes of it one day evolving into a priceless antique? Save yourself the extra shipping cost and donate that copy of The Mighty Ducks.
  8. Have a garage sale and get rid of all your impulse buys. You do not need to pack the inflatable furniture that sounded like a good idea or the shake weight you bought after watching one too many infomercials.