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Decorating With Blues, Whites, and Gray

Working with various colors to decorate and accentuate certain parts of your home is an easy way to maximize space, personalize your house and feature your place in the very best light. There are also various tones to each color, giving you even more choices in the color spectrum. Take for example the color blue. The local Raleigh movers know that blue is famous for giving off a peaceful, calming effect. Warm blues have a hint of red like denim blue for example. Color experts say these tones of blues feel like they're coming at you so they help make a home cozier. The local Raleigh moving specialists have seen many living rooms and kitchen in this shade of blue, making the space more inviting and warm. Cool blue shades such as ice blue or cobalt have yellow hints in them, so they tend to make space look bigger. So if you're looking to make your bedroom look bigger than it really is, turquoise might be perfect for the job. Cold blues also can make a space lok crisp and clean, so it's also a good color for a bathroom.

White is also another versatile color, it's neutral but still conveys different feeling and ambiance depending on the shade you pick. Think of cream-colored cabinets or a neutral laminate floor or a crisp bathroom all incorporating various shades of white. The local Raleigh movers know that when a house is small in square footage, the color white can really give the illusion of grandeur. It's light, airy and clean. A neutral canvas can really brighten up a room and pops of color through decorative pieces really take center stage. You can choose to keep the palette completely white and go with furniture and decorations in white too, like a white headboard in your bedroom, white slipcovers for your couches, white lamps in your office and so on. The All My Sons of Raleigh remind you that white is also timeless, not too trendy so your decor will look good in the long run.

Gray is very popular in decorating circles, some say it's the new white. It's elegant and gives oomph to more subtle colors. It pairs off really well with blues, whites and citrus. You can even paint walls with two shades pop of gray, adding more depth to a room. The local Raleigh movers found out experts prefer to use flat gray paint versus semi-gloss on walls because gray can look industrial. A cream trim on walls can also help beautify gray walls, giving them more of a luxurious feel. When you think gray, think breezy, ethereal and different.

So which color do you think you're going with for your next do-it yourself painting project?