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Top Moving Mistakes

Moving is already stressful without making rookie mistakes along the way. Reap the benefits of others who have made these classic moving mistakes before you, and take these precautionary steps to avoid any type of potential mishap. This list of what to avoid doing when moving, from moving companies, ensures that this time you will move smarter, not harder.

  1. Forgetting about your pets. You will be cursing yourself to the high heavens when you realize you forgot to make travel accommodations for your daughter’s cat, who transforms into a less manageable form of the Tasmanian devil once placed in any type of moving vehicle. If traveling a long distance, do yourself a favor and research portable kennels and motion sickness/anxiety medication for your pet. Also, having your pet’s papers with you will prevent any issues when traveling across state lines.
  2. Forgetting about your plants. If you are trying to move a bunch of heavy, ceramic (and also incredibly breakable) pots of plants sounds fun, then stop reading now. But if having to worry about smashing your plant holders into a million pieces isn’t your thing, then we recommend switching them to plastic, unbreakable pots for your move. Also, if moving across state lines, then refer to the USDA to check on rules against bringing certain plants across state lines.
  3. You pack everything. Do you really need to bring your VHS player with you to your new home? Having to carefully pack then simultaneously carefully unpack something that you probably don’t have room for anyways, only to have it sit unused, is something that you should try to spare yourself of. Before you move, make a point to have your family go through their possessions and either donate unwanted items to charity or have a garage sale.
  4. What inventory list? Failing to write down exactly what you are moving, is asking to forget something. And trust us, between the organizing and wrapping and discarding of belongings, it is going to be impossible to keep track of everything. Make an inventory list and check it twice before moving, just to make sure that you have everything.
  5. Forgetting to pack an “open first box.” No one enjoys playing Russian roulette regarding which brown box is the right brown box, among a hundred identical brown boxes, when trying to find your bed sheets or a towel the first night in your new home. Opening box after box unsuccessfully, only to open another box full of high school yearbooks, will make you want to kick yourself. By labeling an “open first box” and putting it in a spot convenient enough to get to, you can spare yourself from this frustration.
  6. Ignoring the weather. Moving in a surprise snowstorm is not fun for anyone, especially when your warmest clothes are already packed and buried under a ton of other boxes. Make sure to check the weather a week to a couple days before your planned move, and make any necessary changes according to the weather.