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Top 5 Packing Techniques You Need to Know

The Raleigh movers at All My Sons know that packing isn’t always easy- especially when you do it by yourself. It can be a lot to remember all of the packing products, packing techniques and labeling systems, so we have created this list of the top 5 packing techniques to make your move as easy as possible!

Don’t leave any empty spaces in the boxes. Make sure that you fill in gaps with packing paper, clothing towels or any other packing products you want to use. If you have empty space in your boxes, your belongings are going to shift during transit. This puts your belongings at risk for damage and that’s the last thing you want to deal with during your move. Save the potential headache and follow this packing technique!


Avoid packing items from different rooms in the same box. If you pack room-by-room, your packing and unpacking will be much quicker and a lot easier. You won’t have to run from room to room while you are unpacking, because everything in that box will belong to its respective room. You will be so glad that you packed in this organized way, because you won’t be looking for that one pair of scissors that are in your bathroom box.


The best way to pack your breakables is by bundling them. When you are packing let’s say your plates, you should individually wrap each one with packing paper, then wrap bundles of five or six of them together with more paper. Speaking of packing plates, you should never pack plates flat. They should be packed on their sides to keep them from breaking. You can also easily bundle cups and bowls by placing them one inside the other with paper in between, and wrap three or four in a bundle.


The packing process can be made easier with a regimented labelling routine. This packing technique helps you avoid the problems of not knowing where to start unpacking or not knowing where something is. Start labeling room by room. Distinguishing the boxes meant for different rooms makes your unpacking process so much easier. It’s best to purchase different colored labels or stickers when you are purchasing your other packing products, so that you don’t forget. You should distinguish each room by a different colored sticker. When you get to your new house, put the corresponding sticker on the door of the room, to easily place each box in the room it belongs.


Use packing paper- not newspaper. Regular newspaper may bleed ink onto your possessions, so avoid any damages to your belongings by using white or brown packing paper. Packing paper is one of the most versatile packing products and goes a long way. It can be used to wrap almost every item you have, fill space and protect your belongings from being scratched.