Rating 4.9

Raleigh Moving Crew Did A Great Job

I couldn’t believe it, but I had finally found a moving company that I can be happy with. I’ve moved quite a few times in the past, and finding professional movers was the hardest part of moving and of course the most dreaded. There are so many moving companies out there, each with their supposed specialty but a lot of them regard moving as just lifting boxes. They don’t care about delivering customer service, they don’t care if your things get damaged during the way so no extra precautions are taken to secure your things.

Anyhow, a friend of a friend told me about the local Raleigh movers. They go by the name of All My Sons of Raleigh. I quickly looked them up online and loved what I saw. They had a professional website describing their services and even a few reviews just like the one I’m writing. I leaned the Raleigh moving specialists can also do commercial moves and long-distance moves. They’re actually part of a moving network called All My Sons Moving and Storage. And like their name says they can store people’s things until they are ready to receive their personal belongings in their new home.

All My Sons of Raleigh were great, showed up on time which I love. No waiting around, wasting time on such a busy day. They quilt-padded some of my furniture to protect it from getting damaged, they lifted all the heavy moving boxes and properly loaded up their moving truck, they did everything right. They really took the time to angle properly certain things like my couches and televisions, so nothing would get scratched, not my furniture and not the home I was leaving. The move itself didn’t take too long considering the three filled bedroom of stuff I had and the rest of the place. I never knew I had so much stuff and I couldn’t bare throw out anything. The Raleigh movers were very efficient in getting things moving, I didn’t have to supervise the move or do anything. And once we got to my new three-bedroom apartment in Raleigh, the Raleigh movers helped me assemble a lot of the pieces like my bed and my sectional couch. Thank you Raleigh moving specialists for such a smooth move. This moving review is by Rachel L.