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What’s Popular in Landscaping?

The warm weather is fast approaching. Gardening and landscaping is right around the corner. What are the latest trends in landscaping? According to Realtytimes.com, Pergolas are popular. This wooden garden structure forms shading from the sun and can possibly give climbing plants a structure to grow on. It’s kind of like a gazebo, it can either be an extension to your home or link to another part of the home. There are also freestanding pergolas which offer a sitting area but are not attached to any part of your home.

Flagstone patios are another trend in landscaping. There’s a wide variety of flat stones with different shades of color. The best part is you can build it yourself. It’s like putting a puzzle together and makes for a nice finish. There are plenty of websites that can help you create this type of patio in no time.

Natural stains are in. Soy-based, natural pigments and non-hazardous are the latest buzz words surrounding the typical can of stain. The conventional products have harmful chemicals including synthetic pesticides and fungicides.

New age wicker dominates the furniture arena with a weather-resistant property. This new patio furniture can be left out in the sun or rain and not rot. You can also get a warranty for most of the furniture being sold out there.

Fountains have always been fashionable and they still are, especially for people that know about feng shui. Plus, these days there are many that are solar-powered.

And speaking of solar, lights are being replaced lately because of the rising costs of energy.

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