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Items You Should Sell At Your Garage Sale

If you are relocating to Raleigh, North Carolina there is a chance that you are thinking about hosting a garage sale to lighten your load before the big move. The time will come when you question, “What items are people searching for right now that would be worth selling?” To help you determine what hot ticket items may be hiding in your home, Raleigh movers have compiled a list of in-demand items that people are scouring yard sales for.

  1. Vinyl Records – if you have a box of old records sitting in a closet somewhere, you will definitely want to research the value of each of them before setting them out at your garage sale. Depending on the artist, recording and condition of the record, value can differ immensely for each. There’s a decent, fast-paced market for vinyl records right now, so make sure you are not cutting your price points short.
  2. Costume Jewelry – it’s trendy right now, so don’t think your costume jewelry can’t rake in some dough. Display any jewelry that you are selling neatly, so that it is easier to see and sort through for shoppers. Price inexpensive costume jewelry at a few dollars and nicer pieces higher so you allow yourself some room for negotiating prices.
  3. Unused Items – Garage sale shoppers are always looking for like-new items that are priced to sell. If you have been storing items that were possibly given to you as a gift and you never used them, now is the time to rid yourself of your unused belongings before you move to Raleigh. Sell these items for less than 50 percent of what they retail for in stores, to increase possibility of sale.
  4. Tools – Raleigh movers know that, although used, many tools work just as well as they did the first day they were unpackaged. For that reason, many people search garage sales for deals on used tools instead of buying them new.
  5. Items That Reflect American History – Vintage Americana home décor is extremely popular as of late, so if it’s not your style, cash in on these items now. Things like old metal advertising signs and retro toys can be considered collectibles and could possibly sell for hundreds of dollars. Make sure you do your homework before placing these items out for sale, so you know each item’s worth.
  6. Water and Soft Drinks – Even if you don’t sell a shopper on an item, at least you can tempt them with a cold beverage. Selling bottled water and canned soda for $1 to $1.50 could not only put a few extra bucks in your pocket, it could also help you clean out your refrigerator before relocating to Raleigh.
  7. Old Furniture – We’re currently settled in a time where a lot of people want to upcycle or repurpose furniture. This group of shoppers frequents the garage sale circuit, so if you want to get rid of some beat-up pieces, it’s worth setting them out for sale.
  8. Children and Baby Clothes – Because kids outgrow their clothes so quickly (especially when they’re young), parents don’t always want to pay full price for apparel. Price kids clothing at 20 percent of its retail price and watch it sell fast.  Plus, your kids will be glad that they have less to pack and new clothes to look forward to once Raleigh full service movers get you settled into your new home.