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Items You Should Sell At Your Garage Sale

If you plan to move to Raleigh, North Carolina you should host a garage sale to lighten your load before the big move. You will probably organize the garage anyway, so hosting a garage sale is a great way to get the most out of your move. To be successful, you need to determine what hot ticket items are hiding in your home. Our Raleigh movers have compiled a list of in-demand items that people are scouring yard sales for.


Vinyl Records – If you have a box of old records sitting in a closet somewhere, you should research the value of each before selling them out at your garage sale. A record’s value depends on the artist, album, and condition. There’s a profitable market for vinyl records right now, so make sure you are not cutting your price points short.


Jewelry – People often visit garage sales for unique jewelry pieces. Both designer and costume jewelry are top sellers so cash in on these items now. Polish and display the jewelry neatly so it is easier to see and sort through for shoppers.


New Items – Garage sale shoppers are always looking for like-new items priced to sell. When you sort through your belongings, you will probably stumble upon items that you never used. Be sure to advertise their condition because people are often willing to pay top dollar for such a good find!


Tools – Raleigh commercial movers know that, although used, many tools work just as well as they did the first day they were unpackaged. For that reason, many people search garage sales for deals on used tools instead of buying them new.


Vintage Items – Retro Americana home décor is extremely popular as of late. Things like old metal advertising signs and retro toys can be considered collectibles and could possibly sell for hundreds of dollars. Make sure you do your homework before placing these items out for sale, so you know each item’s worth.


Old Furniture – We’re currently settled in a time where a lot of people want to upcycle or repurpose furniture. These shoppers frequent the garage sale circuit, so if you want to declutter and get rid of some beat-up pieces, it’s worth setting them out for sale.


Kitchen Supplies – Don’t know what to sell at a garage sale? Kitchen appliances and silverware can rake in the money. Good quality appliances tend to be heavy so selling them can make moving much easier. Plus, you can look forward to new kitchen supplies when our Apex movers help you move to Raleigh.


Shoes – Buyers are frequently looking for secondhand shoes. If you have funky or designer shoes you no longer want, research their value and set a fair price point. Don’t undervalue your old items, thrifting is trendy, and people are searching for items they can’t get anywhere else.


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