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Spring Cleaning Checklist: What to Toss

The time of the year has finally come where procrastination has to take a backseat to spring cleaning. Most of us have managed to collect an impressive amount of items that should have gotten kicked to the curb a long time ago, and it is for that very reason that we find ourselves constantly running out of space in our homes. All My Sons Moving & Storage has come up with the list of all lists of items to immediately get rid of in order to give your spring cleaning a kick start.

  1. Wire Hangers. How many times have you brought your clothes to the dry cleaner only to come home with yet another set of wire hangers? Well if it is too many to count, then it is time to toss these unwanted collector items. Not only do they ruin your clothes, they also take up precious closet space.
  2. Abandoned Arts & Crafts. Admit it, we have all found ourselves at 11 pm on a Tuesday night, endlessly scrolling through Pinterest boards, convincing ourselves “hey, I can do that!” It is not until you are half way through the project when you realize what a horrible mistake you have made, and your project resembles more of an abstract art piece instead of the adorable Mason jar candle it was supposed to be. Do yourself a favor and let the ghosts of Pinterest Projects past be gone from your life forever.
  3. Broken Toys. Let’s be honest, most kids have too many toys than they know what to do with anyways. The time when your daughter decided to give all her Barbies bob-haircuts is also the time when you should have gotten rid of them. The Barbies…not your daughter.
  4. Toothbrushes. Did you know that you are supposed to change your toothbrush every three months? Well now do you, and if you have not done so already, make sure to do so on a consistent basis in order to keep harmful bacteria from being swished around in your mouth…yuck!
  5. Your Junk Drawer. Or what we affectionately refer to as “the drawer where you shove all of the things in that you don’t feel like throwing out.” All of us are guilty of it, but it is time to address the fact that most of the contents of your junk drawer are exactly that – junk.
  6. Outdated Medicine. All medications have expiration dates and most of us are guilty of keeping them way past that magic number. Failing to get rid of medicine that is well past their prime can become dangerous, quickly. Most medications become overly potent or completely ineffective once they have aged past their recommended use date.   
  7. Expired Food. Never underestimate your pantry’s ability to harbor food from the early 2000’s. You will be floored when you finally clean out your pantry and find food that is well beyond the recommended expiration date. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!