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U.S. Is Popular with Foreign Homebuyers

Even though banks are making it harder for people in the U.S. to borrow money, when it comes to buying homes, the United States is still very popular with foreign buyers. According to the National Association of Realtors, international purchases increased by $16 billion this year. Owning a home in America seems to be a profitable investment for many people, since the home prices are low due to the economy and real estate bust. The inventory of homes is high and the U.S. is seen as a safe country across its various states.

With such great conditions to buy, domestic homebuyers are also taking advantage of this market. Lower prices, foreclosures, incentives are all factors that make buying a home today a really good idea compared to previous years. In fact, cash home purchasers make up one third of all real estate sales. 62% of international purchases were all cash. This number is higher than for domestic all cash purchasers because of the differences in international credit reporting. In a survey done by the National Association of Realtors called the 2011 International Home Buying Activity, realtors have found out new factors that influence foreign home buying. For example foreign executives working temporarily in the U.S. as well as international students prefer to buy instead of renting a home. 28% of realtors in 2011 were working with a foreign client. Most buyers come from Canada and China.

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