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Feel at Home When You Move to Raleigh

Relocating is an exciting adventure that is sometimes met with anxiety, enthusiasm, and concern all rolled into one. Making the most out of your new home is something you can begin doing before you even start the process of packing and transporting. Because Raleigh Movers are facilitating your move from start to finish, you have plenty of time to research and learn about your new community and the place you will call home.


Many people find “food hunting” an exciting and adventurous expedition. Scour different resources to find new places to eat in the community you are moving to. This is a great activity to do together as a family to involve children in the moving process. You may consider having each family member find one place they want to try and then writing all of the possibilities on a list that will accompany you to your new home. Once there, post it in a place for all to see, such as the refrigerator, and enjoy the excitement of discovering delicious new grub.


If you have children, this is one of the more important aspects of your community to research. You may consider networking with the people who will be your new neighbors to find out where their children attend school. If you have children with hobbies or interests in extracurricular activities, take the time to find out which schools have certain activities to provide your children with something exciting upon their arrival to the new home.

A great suggestion to consider is to have all paperwork filled out and sent in for chosen schools before arriving at the new home. This eliminates the stress of trying to get each child enrolled and registered last minute.

Community Events and Clubs

Different communities have varying histories and cultures. Something fun to do, is to research your new community and learn about what makes it unique. You may want to find out a little more about its history and some of the longtime activities that take place on a regular basis.

Additionally, find out if there are any clubs or organizations you can join that meet your interests. If you enjoy volunteering, see what kinds of non-profit organizations are established in the community that are regularly seeking wiling volunteers.


Are there exciting attractions in your new community or surrounding areas? For nature enthusiasts, learning about the different trails, hikes, and outdoor activities in the area may be intriguing and fun. For people seeking thrill or entertainment, they may be more interested in looking at surrounding amusement parks and other modernized entertainment.


Consider following the weather during the couple of weeks leading up to your move. Being prepared for the changes in temperature, environment, and elevation may eliminate some of the surprise you may have otherwise felt. It can be fun to compare the weather at your current home with the weather at your new home, together as a family to get your children involved in the planning process.

Raleigh Movers are excited to provide your family with a stress free move. The team you work with will ensure you feel home when you arrive and see your belongings unpacked and stored. Coupled with your research and learning, you can easily feel at home in your new community.