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Moving to Knightdale, North Carolina with All My Sons Moving & Storage

Knightdale’s roots go all the way back to the colonization of the United States, yet it was only recently incorporated as an official town. All the way back in the early 1700’s Knightdale was beginning to be colonized, but it wasn’t until 1927 that it became an official town in North Carolina. Depending on which route you take, Knightdale is around fifteen miles from Raleigh, making it less than a twenty minute drive away. Knightdale’s population is growing at such a fast rate, that it has been rated one of the fastest growing communities in the state, making it a great place to settle down in.

If you are interested in moving to Knightdale, North Carolina, don’t let the intimidation of the actual move deter you from doing it. All My Sons Moving & Storage Knightdale is ready to help make your move as stress free as possible. With a wide range of services that can cover all aspects of your move, we’re here to cater to you.

Our process begins with examining your move and determining the best course of action. From there, we pack up your belongings. Although you can pack up on your own, our team’s professional skills, matched with our precision and care, will make it so that you won’t want anyone to back up your home other than us. With services that make sure your belongings make it to their destination the same way they left your home, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Once everything is packed up, we can take your belongings straight to their new location or to one of our storage facilities. Our storage facilities coupled with great low prices, will ease your mind about leaving your belongings in storage.

At All My Sons Moving & Storage Knightdale, our trained staff and professional movers know what it means to move. We know how stressful it can be, not to mention all of the clerical work that has to go into it. That’s why we offer a wide variety of services that make moving as easy as can be. Let us handle the hard work, while you take care of the important things like your family and the paperwork aspect of moving.

If you are looking to move to Knightdale give us a call today!