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Easy Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas for Your New Raleigh Home

There’s something wonderful about decorating your home for Thanksgiving. It has a way of freshening a space and bringing family and friends together to be grateful for everything they have. However, decorating can become a daunting task if you have recently moved into a new home. Maybe you haven’t unpacked that box filled with your favorite Thanksgiving Day décor, or you feel like you don’t have the time to devote to decorating. Regardless of your reasoning for feeling like you won’t get it done this year, local moving company All My Sons Moving & Storage Raleigh has some great easy Thanksgiving decorating ideas. These stress-free projects are sure to get you and your family in the Thanksgiving Day spirit and take your mind off of your move to Raleigh!

- Thanksgiving Day Wreath – Hang a fall-colored wreath on your front door and embellish it with a sign that reads something like, “Give thanks.” It will send a welcoming message that reminds all who enter to take on the spirit of the season and be thankful.

- Mix Glass Bottle with Fall Foliage – Use vintage-looking glass bottles in greens, browns, and clear to display berry adorning foliage. Mix in fall gourds to carry on the Thanksgiving Day theme and possibly repurpose gourds you have from Halloween.

- Acorns Galore! – Raleigh movers suggest either gathering acorns from outside or purchasing them at a local crafts store, and then placing them in glass jars, small wicker baskets, or scattered along your mantle to create an immediate fall feel after moving to Raleigh and into your new home.

- Mix Moss, Rocks and Pinecones – Moss, rocks, and pinecones all project the hues of fall, and mixing the different textures makes for a beautiful Thanksgiving Day presentation.

- Add Pheasant Feathers to Your Centerpiece - The earthy colors of pheasant feathers will compliment any fall center piece in your new home once you move to Raleigh. You can even include some wheat stems in an arrangement to add even more Thanksgiving Day appeal.

- Repurpose wine corks – Set a tall candle inside a glass vase and surround it with old wine corks. The glow from the flame against the texture of the wine corks will create a beautiful ambiance. To take extra precaution, use a battery operated candle with a fake flame.

- Thankful Message Board – Set a message board out by your front door and place small pieces of paper and permanent markers next to it. Encourage family members and visitors to write out what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving, such as moving to Raleigh and making new friends.

- Dried Cornhusks – Pull the ears of the dried cornhusks apart and fluff to add to a decorative fall wreath or place them under candles on a platter to create the perfect Thanksgiving Day display.

- Repurpose Your Pumpkins – If you have pumpkins left over from Halloween that you didn’t get around to carving because you were busy with your move to Raleigh, take the opportunity to reuse them for the Thanksgiving holiday. Cut the top off of the pumpkin and carve out the insides until you have enough room to fit a bouquet of dried fall flowers. This will be a great addition to your dining room table during Thanksgiving dinner.