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Creative Ideas for Leftover Moving Boxes

After you complete your relocation with our Raleigh residential movers, you may have a surplus of moving boxes that you’re unsure what to do with. Thankfully our local Raleigh movers have some creative ideas for leftover moving boxes that will help put them to good use.


Our Raleigh movers know that it’s very easy for moving boxes to stack up quickly in your new home and that the process of breaking them down is just as daunting as moving itself. But we also know that there are many DIY uses for cardboard boxes, whether it’s creating a fortress for your kids or using some smaller pieces as a drawer divider. Our professional movers have come up with some creative ideas for leftover moving boxes that are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

 1. Apartment Door Numbers: Turn old moving boxes into handmade numbers for your apartment door. You can put them outside the apartment or hang them inside as decoration.

2. Storage bins: All you’ll need is some fabric, a few old belts, and some sticky tack or glue to revamp your moving boxes into neat little storage bins for magazines and crafts.

3. Picture frame: You can transform your old moving boxes into picture frames for your home or use them later on in the year as gifts. All you will need is a ruler and an exacto knife! Measure out the dimensions of your frame and then put it together!

4. Decoration mirror: You can use leftover moving boxes to make a sunburst mirror or any shape of a mirror you want. If going for the sunburst shaped mirror, you will need to cut and roll the pieces of your leftover moving boxes into the shape of a circle. Happy decorating!

5. Decoupage jewelry box: Turn old moving boxes into jewelry trays or little boxes that hold miscellaneous items, such as hair scrunchies or paperclips.

6. Arts and crafts: You can make great use of your leftover moving boxes by creating arts and crafts for your kids. You can create small cities with the leftover moving boxes for kids to let their imaginations run free. Make it a fun family activity by letting your kids help with the building.

7. Drawer dividers: Use a couple of pieces from your leftover moving boxes to create drawer dividers and maximize your space. Make sure to measure your drawers so that the parts of the moving box that you cut fit snugly inside.

8. Napkin rings: Create personal napkin rings from your leftover moving boxes. You will need to roll the cardboard into a tight enough circle to hold the napkin and the silverware.

9. Balcony planter: You can turn old moving boxes into planters that you can hang from your balcony or patio. Line the boxes with plastic bags, poke a few holes in it for drainage, and you’re all set!

10. Coasters: Perhaps the most straightforward idea yet, you can use your leftover moving boxes to make coasters! All you will need are your moving boxes, some scissors or an exacto knife, and some duct tape. Cut the boxes into the shape of a circle, and then cover the top with your desired duct tape color or pattern.


Our moving company offers exceptional Raleigh packing services that are sure to make your move stress-less. Trust us to take care of the heavy lifting for you, so that you have time to enjoy some of these creative ideas for leftover moving boxes!