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Better Sleep In Your New Home

If you just moved into a new home and can’t wait to start over, start fresh, getting a good night’s sleep after long days of packing and cleaning can really help make you more alert, help you be in a better mood and as a whole enjoy life to the fullest. There are many things you can do to get better sleep, even with the stresses of daily lives especially if you’ve just moved in and still putting the final touches to your décor and settling in. You have to get used to a new place and find your comfort.

All My Sons of Raleigh suggest you establish new habits that can help you unwind before you actually fall asleep. Things like a hot chamomile tea, a bath, aromatherapy, even reading a little can certainly help and get you on the path to deeper and more healthful sleep. Know that you’re not the only one that’s having trouble sleeping, Americans as a whole are spending billions of dollars on prescription sleep aids not to mention the over-the-counter sleep aids.
If you just moved in, this other idea can be done pretty easily. Try painting your bedroom in a calming color, something intimate, cozy and comfortable. Ask yourself what color you’d want it to be if you were up for seven or eight hours instead of sleeping. Place a few framed pictures of familiar faces, friends and relatives, and a few candles too. You don’t need a television in your bedroom either, the bedroom is for sleeping, keep the tube in the living room. You don’t want to be falling asleep to only wake up a few hours to an action-packed movie.

The Raleigh moving specialists found out that there are also bedtime snacks that can help you doze off. Everyone knows you should not consume caffeine before bedtime, but did you know that nonfat popcorn might be able to help you catch some zzzs. The carbohydrates in the snack can help create serotonin, which makes people feel relaxed. Oatmeal with slices of bananas can also do the trick because it’s rich in melatonin. Or yogurt with a little bit of mixed nuts. It’s best to eat that a few hours before you’re headed for bed, it will reduce the residual stress of the day so you’ll feel more relaxed at night.

The Raleigh movers remind you that regularly working out is great for helping you sleep as well.