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Professional Antique Movers | Your Collectibles in Our Hands

There is nothing more frustrating than opening your moving boxes to find your most valuable items damaged and broken. Your antiques and collectibles are important items that should be properly packed and cared for during the moving and transporting process. When you hire a professional moving company, you are trusting these movers to keep your belongings safe and secure. Our Portland movers from All My Sons Moving & Storage understands how precious your collectibles are and we properly pack these items so that they arrive to your new home in one piece and with no damages. These items should be packed extra carefully because they are difficult items to be replaced and we realize how much meaning they hold to people. We share with you our packing techniques for your fragile items and how we ensure the safety during the packing and transportation processes. You can trust our professional movers to handle your valuable items as if they were their own!


Professional Appraisals


Make sure to get a professional appraisal for all your antiques before you pack them up. This way if you purchase moving insurance, you will have accurate information about the prices in the event of an unforeseen damage. Discuss your insurance options with a broker.  We suggest that you insure your antiques and collectibles because you never know what can happen during the moving journey.



Leave it to the Professional Movers


These fragile items need to be packed a certain way with the most durable packing products. Our Portland movers will use protective wrap such as foam wrap to keep glass and wood items safe in the moving boxes. We also use bubble wrap and moving blankets to ensure extra security and a wooden crate works great for a protective shell. We also use extra durable moving boxes for these items because thin cardboard boxes won’t secure heavier items such as antiques. Purchasing the proper packing supplies for antiques will be worth it in the long run.


Once these items are securely packed and protected, it’s time to transfer them to the moving truck. The professionals at All My Sons Moving & Storage will put your antiques and collectibles on the moving truck last after all other items are on the truck. This way they are less susceptible to hitting other boxes on the truck and they will be the first boxes taken out when the truck arrives to your new location. Make sure that your fragile items are strategically placed next to boxes that are not likely to cause damages because unfortunately, accidents can happen on the road.


Our professional Portland movers can handle all the details when it comes to packing your most prized possessions. We specialize in the best packing techniques and we put so much care and attention into properly packing these items. For more information on our packing services and the packing supplies for antiques we offer, contact our Portland movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage today. You can trust us with your most fragile items!