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Important Things to Remember About Your Move

Unlike your Oregon movers in Portland here, moving is not something that you do everyday. Sure you’ve moved several times, but there are still many aspects of moving that many people forget after relocating. If you’re moving soon, your Portland mover wants you to have the best experience possible; be sure to keep the following in mind for your upcoming residential move. 

  • If your moving date is flexible, ask about peak and non peak days. Especially if you are planning to move in the summer time, you could stand to save yourself not only money but also frustration on your moving day. If you don’t have to move on the last Saturday of July, ask the moving company you hire what days would be better so that you can plan on the most advantageous day for your move! 
  • Planning is a very important part of any move; are you moving out of a building which requires you to reserve a freight elevator? Will your move include more than one stop between your origin and destination? Take notes as you think about your move so that you have all the important factors of your relocation in mind before you start calling around for moving quotes. Be sure to take notes while you’re talking to your mover as well, as it is a stressful time it is easy to forget important details during the planning stages of your move. Take notes and start planning early to avoid a chaotic moving experience!  
  • Organization can either work for or against you as it applies to moving. Completing minor tasks such as packing and dismantling smaller furniture in preparation for your moving day can really save you time and money when your movers show up. Designate a room in your home where all boxes and smaller household items will accumulate. This takes some of the workload off of the movers and makes for an easy truck-loading process, and will save you money!
  • When hiring movers, you have plenty of options. Knowing which option is best for you is important. Don’t be fooled by the lousy moving companies out there who will try to bait you with low hourly rates. Low hourly rates lead to low quality service which is far from a wise hiring decision. Research prospective moving companies online to be sure that the mover you hire is reliable and reputable!
  • Food isn’t very easy to move. Most moving companies aren’t permitted to move food that can spoil. If you want to avoid a hassle on your moving day, make it a point to diminish the food supply in your home as much as possible in preparation for your moving day. Pig out on the foods you like most, and throw out any food that has worn out its welcome in your fridge or pantry. 
  • Details are important. Be sure to tell your move about any stairs or particularly cumbersome items so that there are no unwanted surprises on your moving day. Have a piano? Make sure your mover knows, especially if it is going up a flight of stairs at your new home!
  • Keep in mind that accidents can happen, so purchasing insurance protection is a brilliant move. However; if you hire licensed and insured movers, a safe accident-free move is far more likely to happen for you.
  • Before you hire your professional moving company, be sure that you know everything that goes into the cost of your move. Fuel surcharge? Stair fees? Hourly minimums? Overtime? And write it all down!
  • Electricity and cable/internet services should be transferred so that you’re up and running when you get to the new house. Don’t get left in the dark by forgetting to make the call to get your services transferred!
  • Changing your address means that you’ll be receiving mail at a new address. Obviously! Be sure to let the postal service know of your move so that you don’t miss any important mail!

Get your mind into moving mode! Moving isn’t as difficult as it seems, plan your move strategically and see how easy your transition can be!