Who to Notify When You Move to a New House

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There are different phases involved when moving to a new place. Besides informing friends and relatives of your new address, you must inform other people and companies of your move.

Contact the United States Post Service office to ensure a smooth moving transition with your mail account. You may need to fill out a change of address request at your local office, or you can do it online.

Your local utilities services, such as electric company, gas, water, phone, cable, etc. companies must be notified. It’s important to turn off these services so the new residents in your old home aren’t using them at your expense. If you wish to continue to use these services, you can turn off the services at your old address, and turn them on at your new address on a specific date.

Whether you are moving out of state or not, you will need to inform the change of address to the Division of Motor Vehicles. If you are moving out of state, your driver’s license will need to be updated with the new address, along with your driving registration and vehicle insurance information.

Other government offices include the office of the IRS, which needs to have your current address to mail your tax forms and returns and any other documentation.

As far as financial institutions go, bank accounts, credit card holders, and any other relevant financial institution need to be updated with your new address. You may have to call each of the accounts you currently have, but oftentimes, you can update your address online.

If you are a tenant at a rental home or apartment, you may need to tell your landlord your new address. If there are any outstanding bills or deposits that need to be sent to you, it’s best if your old landlord has a way to contact you at your new address, just in case.