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Weird Things You Can Only Find in Pittsburgh

There are a ton of perks to using your Pittsburgh movers, such as leaving the packing to someone else, knowing that your items will safely make it to your new home, and having your overall level of stress go way down. But what about the perks of using your Pittsburgh moving company once you are all settled into your new home?

A new home means a new city to explore and discover, especially if that city is Pittsburgh. Little did you know that you might stumble upon some things you were not expecting, and that you most certainly would not have found had your Pittsburgh movers not relocated you and your family to a new home.

Are you dying to figure out what surprises Pittsburgh has in store? Without further ado, make sure to check out this list from All My Sons Moving & Storage of the weird things you can only find in Pittsburgh.

Big Mac Museum

That’s right, there’s an entire museum dedicated to big macs, and its smack dab in the middle of Pittsburgh. You will finally get the chance to behold a 14’ by 12’ replica of the famed burger, because who hasn’t wanted to take a picture next to a burger that is bigger than they are? Once you have fully enjoyed the Big Mac Museum experience, stop at the McDonald’s restaurant on your way out and grab some Big Macs to take back to your Pittsburgh moving company.

The World’s Largest Furry Convention

We weren’t kidding when we said there are plenty of weird things you can only find in Pittsburgh; cue Anthrocon, the world’s largest furry convention. Do something completely different with your family and head over to Anthrocon in order to take workshops in acting, animation, art and design, costume-building, and writing. Once you get to experience the fur suit parade, complete with over 1,000 costumers, first-hand, you will be wishing you have used your Pittsburgh movers much sooner.

Robot Hall of Fame

Established in 2003 by Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Computer Science, the Robot Hall of Fame is designed to represent the best ideas and technologies in robotics. Your younger kids will love learning all about famous robots such as WALL-E, the Mars Pathfinder Sojourner Rover, R2-D2, the Terminator, and so much more.

The First Complete Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton

Now that you have finally used your Pittsburgh moving company to relocate to a new home, you can experience dinosaurs like they haven’t been experienced in 66 million years! At the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, your whole family can explore one of the largest collections of dinosaur skeletons in North America. 

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