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5 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make After Moving to Pittsburgh

Using your Pittsburgh movers certainly makes your life easier when it comes to relocating to a new home, assuring you that your move will be handled safely and professionally. But the real question is, what about life once your Pittsburgh moving company pulls away?

Figuring out where to go and what spots to avoid can understandably get overwhelming really quickly. A series of making the wrong decisions regarding where to eat, when to avoid traffic, and how to spend football Sunday will quickly dampen your excitement for exploring your new city. Luckily, All My Sons Moving & Storage has moved enough locals within the city to get an inside scoop on the town; check out this list of the 5 biggest mistakes you can make after moving to Pittsburgh.  

Not Using The Pittsburgh Buses

Pittsburgh has one of the best public transit systems, and is user-friendly enough that even someone who just used their Pittsburgh movers can figure out. Every week, about 215,000 residents use the public bus system, and soon you can too! Simply download the Google Maps app and a GPS bus tracker and you will be well on your way.

Leaving The Dog At Home

One of the best things about moving to Pittsburgh is that you can now bring your dog with you everywhere. One of the most dog-friendly cities, Pittsburgh has more places than probably any other city to bring your dog. Big Dog Coffee, Doggie Dip, Dormont Pool, brunch in the Strip, and Zombie Fest are just some of the many places where your dog is welcome.

Forgetting To Carry Cash

Before you head out to try the local eats, make sure to stop at an ATM to pull out cash. Some of the best local restaurants are small businesses who only take cash, such as Mineo’s, Noodlehead, Pamela’s, Ritter’s, and Uncle Sam’s.

Driving During Major Events

While you may notice when you pull into town with your Pittsburgh moving company that traffic is pretty manageable, it does not stay that way for long. For those who work downtown, make sure you note when major events are coming to town, and then plan on leaving two hours earlier than usual. Although you may be looking forward to the Three Rivers Art Festival and the marathon, they will make you late to work.

Not Exploring Other Neighborhoods

There are tons of fantastic neighborhoods throughout Pittsburgh, and just because you already settled on the perfect one does not mean that you have to stay there. Go out and explore the other parts of Pittsburgh, there are tons of parks, museums, and other surprises waiting for you and your family to discover!

A Moving Company That's Part Of The Community

When you are ready to plan your move, All My Sons Moving & Storage is ready to help you make it as easy and stress-free as possible. Contact us for your free, no-obligation quote today!