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Decorating Guide for Your Pittsburgh Home

Moving to Pittsburgh is the perfect opportunity to give your home décor a fresh makeover. Think of all those ideas you wanted for your old home, now make them better and incorporate them into your new Pittsburgh home! Decorating and finding the right touches to create a welcoming environment can be difficult at times, but this decorating guide is designed to help you vamp up your new home with just a few decorative adjustments!


1. Create a welcoming porch and front door area.

Your home decorating should begin at the front door step. This is the part of your home that is seen most by visitors and passers. Creating an inviting and welcoming entrance can really help to liven up the home. Make sure your porch area is nicely adorned with potted plants and sufficient lighting. Nothing can be drabber than a dark front door step. If you are not a fan of your homes current front lighting, switch it out for a more modern or rustic feeling light fixture. You can also give your front doorstep a nice makeover with a fresh coat of paint. Adding a glossy paint color to your door can make it stand out as well as provide a welcoming message. Red and orange are popular front door colors, or if you want to go in a different direction, try a nice teal or yellow. Whatever speaks to you!


Maintain balance and flow in your home with Neutral colors

As part of our decorating guide, it is important to mention the benefits of light and neutral colors in a home. Although a bold, dark color may make a statement in a room, it is typically easier to stick to lighter colors throughout your home. These colors help to tie items together seamlessly. Beige or grey are great options for the entrance portion of your home. If you have a multilevel home, the first floor is the most important place to have a set flow.

Careful furniture placement
After moving to Pittsburgh, have your professional movers arrange your living room furniture in a welcoming arrangement that provokes interaction. Living rooms with a conversational organization can make the room look bigger as well as give it a more aesthetic look. Arrange your couch and chairs in a U shape or have your chairs face the couch. This is the perfect hosting environment for guests later!

Mirrors are your friends
Hanging mirrors throughout the home will make the space feel brighter and livelier. Strategically placing mirrors in every room will help bounce light throughout the house. Decorating pro tip: Be sure to place the mirrors perpendicular to windows not directly in front. The goal is to keep all the light inside your home, not shoot it back out.

Art work placement is important

The final tip in our decorating guide includes proper art placement. Nothing is worse than a beautiful piece of art hanging in an awkward location. Find artwork that fits the size of your wall and room. In addition, when hanging the artwork, make sure to place the center of the artwork at eye level. Average the heights of the shortest and tallest people in your home. Use that height as your basis.