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The Ultimate Packing List

Moving is an experience that can bring both headaches and joy all in one movement. You must take the time to figure out what to bring to your new home, what to leave behind, and what supplies you’ll need to get the job done. With over 20 years of moving experience, All My Sons Moving & Storage movers in Orlando know exactly what needs to be packed, how to get your items safely secured, and most importantly, how to get everything into your new home in the easiest and most efficient way. The professionals from our Central Florida moving company have created the ultimate packing list for you so nothing is left behind.

The Essentials Box

Arguably the most important item on our packing list, the essentials box will hold all the things you’ll need on the first night after your move to Orlando. This includes hygiene essentials, pajamas, paper plates, plastic cups, cutlery, and any medications you may need upon arrival. Since your essentials box is the most important, make sure that you purchase a sturdy one. All My Sons can provide you with the packing supplies to keep your essential items safe during transport.

First-Aid Kit

Bumps, bruises, and scrapes can come your move to Orlando. Make sure you have a first-aid kit available in the event of an accident. Include ibuprofen, band-aids, bandages and burn relief cream.

Chargers for Your Electronics

Make sure you’ve checked every outlet to make sure you’ve unplugged all your chargers. You want to make sure that you’ve packed your laptop, phone, and tablet chargers before you up and move to Orlando.


Consider packing a small bag with a change of clothes. If you’ve opted for All My Sons Moving & Storage full-service movers in Orlando, then you won’t have to do much when it comes to packing and heavy lifting. However, sweat, dirt, and dust can make moving a bit messy. Your Central Florida moving company suggests keeping a change of clothing handy, just in case.

A Shower Curtain

If you’re planning to get cleaned up after unpacking in your new home, remember to pack your shower curtain! People generally don’t consider this when packing, especially if you had sliding shower doors prior to your move.

Cleaning Supplies

Your movers in Orlando suggest wiping everything down at your new house before unpacking. Even if the previous owners have already done so, you’ll feel better knowing you gave it a quick onceover after you’ve arrived. Make sure cleaning supplies are on your packing list.


Your electricity, cable, and other utilities should already be connected at your new house in Orlando, especially if you’ve planned ahead and already contacted the utility companies. However, there are times when the electric company doesn’t get your electricity turned on in time. You don’t want to spend the first night in your new home stumbling around unable to see anything! Flashlights and lanterns are a must, whether your electricity is off or if there’s a power outage at any point in time.


Your move to Orlando will most definitely work up an appetite! You’re going to be hungry when you move, and it won’t always be the most convenient time to cook when all your belongings are all over the place. In order to save time and money, pack lunches and dinners for you and family members to get you through the first night. If you don’t pack any food, you can always order takeout! Get a list of all the spots nearby so you can check what’s on the menu. Stay fed and hydrated in order to stay efficient!


Between the heavy lifting, organizing, and running around, you may not have a sufficient amount of time to sit and eat a meal. Pack snacks to keep your body fueled! Fruit, nuts, jerky, and granola bars are great options to choose from when considering which snacks to pack for your move to Orlando.

A Bluetooth Speaker

Moving in the quiet is less efficient, and not to mention just plain boring. Pack a Bluetooth speaker to play some jams and get moving! 

The movers in Orlando from All My Sons Moving & Storage hope this ultimate packing list helps you on your move! Contact our reputable Central Florida moving company to get started on your move to Orlando.