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What Are the Best Neighborhoods in Orlando?

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The best places to live in Orlando aren’t going to be the same for every person, depending on what chapter of life you are passing through there are going to be different needs and wants. Luckily Orlando has districts of the city that will be perfect for different types of people in different ways. No matter your situation you should consider a move to this terrific area.

But what are the best neighborhoods in Orlando? Our movers in Orlando came together to craft a guide for you!

Wondering Where to Live in Orlando for Young Professionals?

There are plenty of nice neighborhoods around Orlando that won't sacrifice fun for a suitable living situation. When young professionals are looking for somewhere to live in Orlando, they need to find a place that has affordable living, a high level of walkability, and is near to restaurants and nightlife in the area. Our movers’ picks for the best neighborhoods in Orlando for young professionals were narrowed down to Baldwin Park, Park Lake Highland, and the Central Business District. These neighborhoods will all offer what younger people will be looking for in their neighborhoods; they are fun, affordable, and available!

What Are the Best Neighborhoods in Orlando for Families?

When discussing the best places in Orlando for families, we should start by establishing the guidelines set when looking for the right area. Typically, families are looking for sections of the city that offer more room for activities, calmer restaurants and weekend life, and great schools for their children; there are plenty of family-friendly neighborhoods in Orlando that would fit all of these criteria. Our team of expert movers thought long about the best areas in Orlando to raise a family and concluded that Lake Mary, Audubon Park, and Lake Copeland should be your priority when looking for the right place for you and your children. 

The Best Movers in Orlando

Now that you know the best neighborhoods in Orlando, be sure to team up with All My Sons Moving & Storage for your next move to or within the city! Our team of expert movers will get the job done quickly and safely, expect no less from the top people in town. Get an online quote today or reach out to us at 813-261-4404 to learn more about our fantastic relocation services. 

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