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Packing and Moving Like a Professional

Packing your place is the first step in any move, but there are some tips you might not know about that can make the packing process more streamlined, effective, and organized. This, as you might guess, contributes to a move that is all of these characteristics as well. The Omaha movers want to help you pack proactively (rather than haphazardly) and move with less stress overall. Read on to learn more.

Stock up on a few packing goodies that will help streamline the packing process. Items like bubble wrap, Styrofoam beads, packing tape, Styrofoam sheets, and newspaper can all help in packing breakables such as picture frames, dishes, vases, and other items. Other packing items like wardrobe boxes and vacuum seal bags for bulky sweaters that would normally take up more space can really come in handy too.

Label everything! What may seem like organizing overkill at the time will be beneficial when it comes time to unpack and especially to look for something in particular. Keep a master list of what is in each box, and you can even get creative by purchasing different colored duct tape to use as a color code system for itemizing boxes. Do whatever works for you!

If you really want to save time on packing and unpacking, try and move things as they are, such as, drawers filled with clothing as usual, kitchen silverware trays packed with utensils, DVD towers with media intact, and so on. That way you save time having to take things out just to put them back.

Honestly decided which books you are going to keep. Books may look great lined up on a shelf, but moving them is a pain in the buns. Either clean out some books, sell them online, donate to a shelter, or give them away—or pack them smarter. Resist the urge to put all of your books in one box, and spread them out—2 in this box, 1 in this box, and so on, to help distribute the weight.

Electronics need special treatment. Remember how much Styrofoam, plastic, and padding came in your Smart TV’s initial box? It needs the same TLC when you move it too. If you don’t have the original packing, you need to pick up some items that will make it secure to move. Look for pieces that can wedge into the corners of packing boxes and fill void space with towels, pillows, and other cushioning to protect your electronic valuables.

Have a yard sale. Everything that you don’t plan to take- try to sell it. Everything must go, that’s your motto! You can also invite friends over and tell them to take something gratis. It gets them a new something special and it gets excess stuff off of your hands so it’s a win-win.

Don’t forget moving insurance. To protect your items from point A to point B, get your belongings covered by a moving insurance policy. You’ll wish you had it in the face of damaged goods or other unseen incidents.