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How to Prevent Injuries When Moving

In the days leading up to your move to Omaha, you’re rushing to wrap up last-minute relocation tasks such as changing your address with the local post office and scheduling utility activation at the new address. What may not cross your mind is your safety as you move. If you’re doing a DIY move to Omaha, it’s important to be mindful of your safety since you increase risks of bodily strain and injury. Nevertheless, our Omaha movers can share safety tips on how to prevent injuries when moving. If you’re not able to move on your own, our Nebraska moving company is always here to lend you a hand!

Get a Good Night’s Rest

In order to prevent injuries when moving, you first must get a good night’s sleep. This helps you gather your energy for the big day and reduces your chances of getting fatigued. Sure, you’ll get the strong urge to pack as much as you can the night before, but it’s more important to get your sleep so you won’t suffer the harmful effects of sleep deprivation such as feeling drowsy throughout the day or brief episodes of sleep while being awake.1

If packing the night before is the main issue, you can always hire our Omaha packing services to save your time and money on packing. Our Omaha movers are highly skilled in packing all types of items to ensure their safety once they arrive to the new home. So, get some sleep and let our Nebraska moving company take on the packing task for you.

Dress for the Part

If there’s another important way to prevent injuries when moving, it’s dressing appropriately on your moving day. Before you start your DIY move to Omaha, dress in attire that isn’t loose or too big for the body. Clothing that’s too tight can inhibit your movement and looser clothing can get in the way or snagged on something, causing you to trip. For your feet, wear either boots or tennis shoes – they help maintain your balance and grip as you’re lifting and hauling boxes to the loading truck.

Eat Well and Stay Hydrated

To maintain your energy throughout the day, you must eat a well-balanced meal and stay hydrated throughout the day. Start the day by eating a healthy breakfast with enough nutrients and vitamins to energize you for Moving Day. Keep snacks such as protein bars and nuts on hand to maintain your energy throughout the day.

In addition to eating well, it’s important to stay hydrated as you move to Omaha. Always have a full bottle of water on hand to drink as much as possible, even when you’re not thirsty. Failure to do so can lead to alarming side effects of dehydration such as a decrease in brain tissue fluid and increase the risk of exhaustion. So, drink up!

Moving to Omaha is Easy with AMS

When you select our Omaha relocation services as your first-choice in moving services, you’re sure to receive exceptional customer care you can’t find anywhere else. For over twenty years, our Nebraska moving company has helped families and businesses relocate across the country, so our relocation expertise is reliable. Don’t wait, call our Omaha movers today for your free, moving quote!



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