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Moving with Electronics

Moving with Electronics

Moving with electronics requires special care and attention, since they are expensive, fragile, and sensitive to temperature. All My Sons Moving & Storage offers complete packing services in Omaha to ensure everything is packed and transported safely, including your electronics. Our team has been in the business for many years and knows what it takes to keep your belongings safe. If you follow these tips, your electronics will stay safe while moving.

If you have the original packaging, you are in luck. This is the best way to make sure your electronics stay safe. The original packaging is usually custom-made to fit the product because the product has to be shipped worldwide from the manufacturer. However, if you do not have the original packaging you can use our packing products for protection.

You can use household items such as blankets, towels when packing your electronics in boxes. These items are free and get the job done just as bubble wrap and packing paper would. If you would rather not use these items to protect your electronics, you can purchase bubble wrap, packing paper and foam to pad your electronics. Whatever protective packing material you do ultimately choose to use, you should fill free space in the boxes with it. This ensures that if your box gets moved around, the electronic in the box will not move around.

As mentioned before, electronics are extremely sensitive to temperature. The packing services in Omaha that we offer take precautionary measures when packing, storing, and moving these electronics to avoid heat damage at all costs.

To pack desktop computers, you should use individual boxes for each part. Computers come with the CPU, monitor screen and the mouse/keyboard. Wrap the CPU in whatever you choose and place it in the first box. Next wrap the monitor in packing material, and if you have a box that can hold the monitor, place it in the box. If not, try to keep the monitor in your personal vehicle. Feel free to wrap each individual piece in multiple layers of protective material. If you can, try to pack the keyboard and mouse with other electronic accessories so you will know where to find them.

Your television is extremely fragile so you are going to need to wrap it with a lot of packing material before you put it in the box. The television is the only thing that should go in the box because you do not want to risk any scratches or dents on your screen. 

Stereo equipment and video game consoles are expensive but are often designed to be moved around a lot. Wrap these electronics with bubble wrap or other packing material and find a box that is the same size. The more compact the box is, the less chance there is for the electronic to move around during transit.

When you’re moving with electronics, use our complete packing services in Omaha to ensure your items are safe during transit. Contact us today for a free moving quote!