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How to Create a Family-Friendly Living Room

Apart from the kitchen, the family room is the second most used room in a home. It is an area where family members are guilty of eating and watching TV. Your kids are running, jumping, and making a mess with all their toys. Everyone crowds around for a Sunday night football game or for a weekend movie marathon. No matter the occasion, your family room is going to get a lot of use and will be prone to wear and tear, which is why furnishing and decorating accordingly is important so that your family room can withstand constant use. Fortunately, your trusted Omaha movers know how important your family room is to you and wants to help guide you on how to create a family resistant living room.

First, purchase strong fabrics when selecting furniture and living room accessories. Pick a sofa and accessory pillows made of tough fabrics that can be easily cleaned. If you are not looking to purchase new furniture, look into slipcovers to protect your current furniture.

Second, think wisely when picking out the family room flooring. Many family rooms are carpeted for extra comfort; however, plush carpeting is not always the best choice. Opt for easy to maintain rugs comprised of fabrics like jute or seagrass for texture and durability, or even wool for stain resistance.

Third, make sure that your family room has multiple storage options. The family room has a lot of items to store, which is why keeping it clutter free may be difficult. From your kids’ toys to movies and extra blankets, your family room has items that cater to everyone, which is why having appropriate storage is a must. A good investment to make is to buy multifunctional furniture that has hidden compartments. For example, choose a coffee table that doubles as a storage container or an ottoman that had a lid so that you can store movies or blankets in it.

When decorating your family room, make sure to keep things out of the ‘danger zone’. Try to keep things hanging high so that your children or pets do not accidently knock something over. When it comes to accessorizing windows, avoid long drapery that could potentially be a tripping hazard or something for young children to tug on. If you have a large window that needs covering, consider easy to clean blinds.

When creating a family-friendly living room stick to a no-fuss look. By creating a casual and comfortable environment you will be able to accompany your family better and be able to relax more. Whatever decorating style you choose, make sure that it is low-maintenance so that you are not constantly having to clean.

Whether you are catering to a few guests or hosting a large family reunion, All My Sons of Omaha wants your family room to be able to endure many years of family time.