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Decorating Your New Home for Thanksgiving after Moving to Omaha

If you have recently moved to Omaha or are moving here this month, there’s a simple solution to making you and your family feel at home – decorate for Thanksgiving! There’s something about Thanksgiving Day decorations that can make the whole family feel happier, warmer, and encourage togetherness. To help you get going on your Thanksgiving decorating this year, All My Sons Moving & Storage Omaha has put together a list of some great Thanksgiving decorating ideas that you are sure to love for your new Omaha home.

- Spray paint or gild pumpkins and other fall fruit – Use gold spray paint or gilding liquid to cover pumpkins, gourds and other fall fruit. Get creative and paint smaller fruit white and gild the bottoms in gold. These pieces can be used as part of a center piece or placed sparingly throughout the house on shelves or the mantle.

- Collect Pinecones from outside or buy them in bulk – Pinecones can be used as a part of numerous Thanksgiving and fall decorations. Once you’ve moved to Omaha, head outside and collect pinecones as a family or buy them from the local craft store. Pinecones can be used as a part of a centerpiece, included on a front door wreath and even used to hold place cards before Thanksgiving Dinner.

- Cut out the center of fruits and vegetables and repurpose – Place a tea light in the cut-out portion of an apple or place small appetizers, such as stuffed olives, in gourds or squash that have been scooped out. It’s these small details that our Omaha moving company thinks people really appreciate.

- Paint a burlap runner with fall colors – Make it simple by choosing to do a polka-dot pattern. You can even get the kids involved in the painting process!

- Make turkeys from napkins and yellow squash – Evenly cut the bottom of the squash off so it can stand straight up on its own. The stem of the squash will serve as the turkey’s beak and eyes can be made with black permanent marker or black-tipped toothpicks. Fold napkin accordion-style and place behind squash to create the turkey’s tail.

- Use dried corn kernels – place a tall, white candle inside a clear glass vase. Pour corn kernels around candle until the base of the candle looks submerged. Omaha movers suggest lighting the candles before guests arrive to create a peaceful ambience.

- Add wheat to floral arrangements – Give any arrangement a touch of fall by adding stems of wheat grass throughout.

- Create a Thanksgiving message board – Leave small pieces of paper and a few markers beside the message board, so family and friends can write down what they are thankful for. They can then pin them on the message board for all to see.

- Decorate your wheelbarrow – Finished with re-landscaping after moving to Omaha? Fill your wheelbarrow up with mums and other potted fall flowers to create a bountiful, Thanksgiving Day look. Place it somewhere in your front yard for all to see.