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Things to Do When Moving into a New House

When moving into your new home, there are a few maintenance pointers you need to know to ensure the house is ready for you and your family to live there. Luckily, the tasks you have before you are easy to do and will take minimal time, just follow these tips from the Oklahoma City movers and you’ll be on your way.

First things first, change out the locks. Between previous tenants, their friends and family, and the real estate company, there could be several keys to your front door floating around. Do yourself a favor and create a quick fix by swapping out the deadbolts yourself or with the enlisted help of a locksmith.

Scope out the plumbing around the house: are there any leaks? Despite home inspectors and other professionals checking out the home before you move in, you want to double check some things that are quick fixes but also problems that can get worse. Plumbing is one of those things! Sink pipes or other parts may need to be swapped out, which is a minor expense from your nearest hardware store. This will prevent costly plumbing bills or service calls from plumbers.

Steam clean the carpets. If your new home has carpets, it’s likely the people living there before did not steam clean on the way out. No worry, just make sure to have it done before you get in and get settled. Check online for promotional deals on steam cleaning or save money and find a place where you can rent a steam cleaner to use on your own.

Wipe down cabinets and shelves. Before moving in your items, such as dishes and linens, wipe down surfaces to ensure that they are clean.

Hire a pest control team. Whether or not pest control is an included service, you should make sure you have up to date pest control in your home. This can be accomplished by enlisting a quarterly service from a local pest control company. Most likely the first visit will be the only time they need to be inside to spray, so future visits can be scheduled during work hours and when you can’t make it home.

Label the fuses. If the breaker box isn’t labeled with what switches go to which part of the house, this is something you should take the time to arrange. By dedicating an hour or so to the task, you can test breakers and label accordingly.