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Storage and Recyclables: Crafts with Boxes

The hugest component of municipal garbage across the whole globe is cardboard. This reality by itself means that it is vital that cardboard is recycled, even if it is on a smaller scale at home or on a broader level in the form of an industrial approach. It is a good idea for children to begin to learn how to go about recycling cardboard as early as is possible in their young lives. While there is the hazard that recycling can be looked at as something of an oppressive chore or even a duty, children can utilize cardboard in an entertaining manner by making stuff out of it. What follows next is a very comprehensive walkthrough on cardboard arts and crafts for children.

For Children

  • Cardboard and Crafts Page of Projects: Website that offers children a lot of arts and crafts projects involving cardboard.
  • Supply Box for Birds: This website features instructions that children can use to create a supply box for birds. It is made from milk cartons’ cardboard.
  • Box Barn Directions: Directions for children that teach them how to create a box barn made from cardboard.
  • Bulletin Board of Cardboard: This website features directions that show kids how to employ cardboard as the foundation for creating a bulletin board.
  • Directions for Cardboard Dragon: Details for children on how a group of fellow children constructed a dragon of cardboard. The website also offers directions on how to recreate the cardboard dragon.
  • The Robotic Hand: Guide for how children can create a robotic hand by only employing cardboard and other basic materials.
  • The Cat Egg Carton: This website features details on how children are able to create a cat by utilizing egg cartons made out of cardboard.
  • The Boomerang: Instructions on how children are able to make a boomerang just by using their favorite cereal box’s cardboard.
  • The Castle of Cardboard: Details of a castle of cardboard are featured, which includes a step-by-step process children can copy.
  • Playhouse Cardboard Castle: This website offers information on a playhouse cardboard castle that children may decorate and color as they desire.


  • Cardboard Sandals: Directions on creating sandals out of cardboard; this is perfect for teachers to use in classroom arts and crafts projects.
  • Cardboard Ideas: This website offers suggestions on what instructors can utilize cardboard for in the classroom.
  • Project of Incubation: Advice for instructors about using cardboard to create an egg incubator.
  • Cardboard Castle Idea: This website features a lesson idea for teachers that incorporate cardboard in the making of a castle.
  • Some Projects of Cardboard: Site that provides teachers with suggestions on how to use items that are usually discarded, such as cardboard, in a creative way in class.
  • Environmentalism and Cardboard Projects: This website features various suggestions on how instructors can utilize cardboard in class, but in ways that are non-toxic to the environment.
  • Cardboard for Thanksgiving: Propositions for teachers on how they can go about incorporating cardboard in Thanksgiving classroom projects for their students.
  • Thanksgiving Cardboard Crafts: This website presents explanations on how children are able to create place card holders for Thanksgiving projects.
  • The Turkey of Toilet Paper: Cardboard arts and crafts suggestion that uses a roll for toilet paper as the foundation of a fake turkey, making it perfect for instructors to base whole lessons in class on.


  • Special Occasions Frame: This website features directions for parents to supervise their children in creating a special frame, which may be utilized for occasions like Father’s Day.
  • Activity of Puppets: Details on how children might create a stage for shadow puppets out of cardboard, which can then be used domestically.
  • Ideas for Halloween Costumes: This website features suggestions for children’s costumes that can be used at Halloween time and are fashioned out of cardboard.
  • Book of Cardboard: Tome that provides readers with a lot of ideas on projects that feature cardboard in some way.
  • Cardboard Book Selection: This website features a instructions on how to make a cardboard book with your child.
  • Box Table of Cardboard: Creating a table out of cardboard, which is a project parents can take advantage of to build bonds with their children.
  • Cardboard Castle Stuff: This website features a process for creating a cardboard castle, which offers a step-by-step instruction for parents and children.
  • The Turkey Plant Pole: Direction on how children and parents can create a turkey plant pole from cardboard.
  • Cardboard Crafts Resource Page: This website presents a list of crafts for cardboards that parents and children can attempt together.
  • Kids’ Crafts Book: Tome that offers a list of arts and crafts suggestions that parents may bring to their children.

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