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New Albany, OH Packers Want You to Stop Making These 5 Packing Mistakes!

All My Sons Moving & Storage has been in business for over 20 years, and there’s nothing more frustrating than to show up at a moving site and see everything packed horribly. Some people choose to skip hiring professional packers in New Albany, Ohio, only to find themselves struggling to get everything in order.


 Being Unprepared

 Preparation and organization is vital to a successful move. When things are disorganized, a simple move can become madness. There are some people who choose to wait until the absolute last minute to get things done. They may not take the time to create a checklist or even go through their inventory, which can be problematic when moving day arrives.


 Using the Wrong Packing Supplies

The packing supplies used in a move are extremely important. In fact, utilizing the wrong packing supplies is one of the most common packing mistakes made. For example, there are people who believe that plastic bags are a perfectly fine substitute for cardboard moving boxes. Nothing could be further from the truth. Plastic bags aren’t stackable, durable, and they simply cannot secure a person’s belongings and keep them protected.

 The kind of tape used in a move is important as well. People often use the wrong tape, which can lead to their personal possessions being damaged in the moving van.


Packing the Wrong Items into the Wrong Boxes

 When packing for a move, technique is what separates amateurs from professional packers in New Albany, Oh. A misconception that many people have is that large boxes are for the heavier items. On the contrary, smaller, heavier items should be packed in small boxes, while the larger boxes should be reserved for lightweight items like pillows. Improper packing can lead to injury or damage to the contents of the box.


Not Labeling Boxes

When you hire movers in New Albany, you give them the responsibility of loading and unloading your moving boxes. However, if your moving boxes aren’t labeled, then they can’t do their job to the fullest of their abilities. When people don’t label boxes, it greatly increases the risk of damage to their belongings. Boxes with fragile contents may get loaded improperly and valuable items can be permanently damaged.


Packing Everything They Own

 Some people have the “hoarder” mentality of packing everything they own when they move. Why is this a common packing mistake? Well moving is a time to declutter and sort through things that you no longer need or use. If you have an appliance collecting dust in an attic or in the corner of a random closet, it’ll more than likely have the same future in your new home. Before packing, take an inventory of your belongings. If you find something that you don’t care so much about, it’s better off being sold or donated. This will also save you money on your moving budget by letting you buy fewer packing supplies