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Reuse Tea for Household Cleaning

While many of us drink a warm cup of tea at breakfast or dinner, you probably haven’t thought much about using your hot beverage in many other ways. Did you know that you can use tea to perform household tasks rather than chemical based cleaning products? The Columbus local movers have a few tips on how you can use tea to clean—prepare to be amazed!

Tea can be used to:

Remove toilet stains. Throw a few used tea bags into the toilet and let them sit for several minutes. When you flush the bags down the toilet, the stains will follow. Amazing!

Freshen your carpet. Whether your carpet is dirty from children, pets, or tracking in the outdoors, tea can help. Simply sprinkle a handful of dried tea leaves onto the carpet and let them sit for about ten minutes. Then, just vacuum up the leaves and enjoy the freshness!

Take tea bags back into the kitchen and use them to tenderize meat. Tea contains tannins, and a tea bag is cheaper than a bottle of red wine. Steep tea in hot water for five minutes, and mix in ½ a cup of brown sugar. Once the sugar dissolves, you can pour the mix over your meat and cook it as usual. Enjoy!

Clean mirrors. Grease and grime on mirrors are no match for tea! Brew a pot of tea with 1-2 tea bags and use the watered down tea as a cleaning solution. Be sure to clean with coffee filters rather than paper towels for a fuzz-free and shiny clean!

Fertilize plants. Keep your plants and flowers looking lush by adding the nitrogen-rich nutrients from tea to your potting soil. If you don’t like the look of the tea bags themselves, no worries—simply empty the bag’s contents into the soil and blend. You can even opt to mix in loose tea leaves.

There are just a few ways that tea can be used to help out around the house. So next time you are buying a box of tea to drink, consider buying a second to use for chores around the house! Tea bags are also a fantastic form of eco-friendly cleaning, so rest assured you are lowering the chemical output in your home by cleaning with tea rather than store bought chemical concoctions.