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Reasons to Move to Upper Arlington

If you are planning on moving to Columbus, Ohio, or if you are just stopping in for a quick visit, there are plenty of reasons as to why Columbus, and its neighboring cities, are some hotspots that tend to get overlooked. Being one of the greatest gems in the Midwest, the movers in Upper Arlington from All My Sons showcase why Columbus and Upper Arlington are the places to be.

The Food
Movers in Upper Arlington say that you can find whatever kind of cuisine you may be in the mood for here. Aside from the abundant, meaty options, there are heaps of vegetarian and vegan options to keep everyone satisfied. When you move to Upper Arlington, make sure to head to the North Market to go shopping and get any and every food item you may ever want or need!

The Wildlife
The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is constantly being rated as one of the best places to get up close and personal with wildlife throughout the entire country, year after year. The zoo is a great place to observe many different animals in their habitat, as natural as they can be. The movers in Upper Arlington say there is so much to do and see at this great big zoo.

The Outdoors and the Parks
Big Run Park in Columbus is a sprawling wooded park with wetlands, soap box derby events, and numerous trails to take in the great outdoors. Whether you are a nature lover or someone who likes to spend a few hours in the park every once in a while, there is something to do. You can go birdwatching at the Glen Echo Ravine, or you can take your mountain bike down Olentangy Trail. The Olentangy Trail is 14 miles long, that goes from Worthington Kills to Downtown Columbus.

The Sports
Although Columbus is home to one hockey team, being the Columbus Blue Jackets, there are plenty of professional sports teams to love after you move to Upper Arlington. These teams include the NFL’s Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals, MLB’s Cleveland Indians and Cincinnati Reds, and NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Schooling
The Upper Arlington and Columbus area is home to 62 universities and colleges. Ohio State University enrolls 60,000 each year!

The Arts
There is plenty of art and culture to indulge in after a move to Upper Arlington. You can visit the Columbus Museum of Art and the Columbus Performing Arts Center for some wonderful art and shows. You also have the opportunity to attend the Community Festival, also known as ComFest, the annual Doo Dah Parade, Matsuricon the three-day Japanese anime convention, and last but not least, the Ohio State Fair!

The Jobs
Being one of the best places for job opportunities, the movers in Upper Arlington say the Columbus area is a great place to start your career. Making the top ten suburbs in America are Upper Arlington, New Albany, and Powell. There are also plenty of companies to choose from while seeking employment opportunities.