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3 Questions to Ask Your Columbus Movers

It is only normal to feel overwhelmed when you’re getting ready for a move, especially when you have a lot going on in your life. The good news is that our Columbus movers have created a list of common questions to ask your moving company so you can get the answers you need to choose a reputable moving company that will deliver quality service.


Of course, you would want to know how much your move is going to cost before you actually go through with it, right? That’s why it is imperative you ask your movers about rates and estimates before you sign any contract. There have been instances where people don’t ask about an estimate or potential fees and end up having to pay more than they realized. The moving coordinator at our Ohio moving company, though, will send out one of our Columbus movers to assess the size and distance of your move and offer you a free, no-obligation moving quote, so you know what you would pay from the get-go, before signing an agreement.

Local or Long-distance

Depending on the distance of the move, each moving company has their own set of moving packages which can include local move, long-distance moves, or both if you are lucky. Ask the moving companies in the area where you are moving if they are only local movers. If so, they may not be able to help if you are coming from a long-distance, usually out of state. At All My Sons Moving & Storage, we indeed offer both. Our Columbus long-distance movers may specialize in Columbus, Ohio but can also take you further then that. Just ask your movers what their moving packages include.


Don’t just settle for any ordinary moving company; make sure you know what questions to ask a moving company to ensure you are hiring professional movers. There are countless moving companies in the country, but they might not all be legitimate or reputable businesses. Once you find a moving company you are interested in, ask your mover for any referrals or testimonials from previous customers. If they are reluctant to provide them, they either haven’t built a substantial client base yet or there could be a larger issue at hand; be wary. When you ask our Columbus local movers for any referrals, they will be delighted to show you past testimonials.

Another question to ask your mover is about their Department of Transportation licensing number. This is an indication that they are professional movers who are certified and licensed to handle your move. Our movers in Columbus are certified and have each gone through an extensive background check, so you can trust your valuables are always in good hands.

Contact us if you have nay questions to ask our movers about our other moving services and get a free-no-obligation moving quote today!


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