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Packing Your Bedroom to Move

When packing up your bedroom, there are a few pointers that will result in a more efficient move as well as less stressful unpacking experience. Luckily, your friends at the Columbus local movers can help you get packed up with little stress and maximum organization. The great thing about packing bedrooms is that you can enlist each member of the family to take on their own personal space, at least at a basic level.  Read on to learn more.

Get the whole family involved. Kids can contribute by loading up out of season wear like their jackets and sweaters if it is springtime. It may be hard to get them to pack toys without stopping for “play breaks,” so be cautious of what packing tasks you assign! Give them a marker and tell them to name what is inside each box and that it will be part of a game later to get them excited about unpacking.

Start from square one. This is generally the closet area, and it is where you store most of your belongings. While you are packing away your clothes (you might want to invest in space bags for this to minimize boxes and bulk), be sure to set aside clothing to pack into a suitcase for your first few nights in the new place. Each family member will need a couple of outfits to have on hand while the packing and unpacking process is underway.

After the closet, begin unloading dressers and shelves. As you are packing, really look at each item you are packing and determine if it is something you want to keep. Often we get so accustomed to accumulating items that we forget to do an honest inventory of what we have and what we truly need. Place items ready to be discarded in garbage bags ready to drop off at charitable donation stations.

Pack your clothing by type into big boxes. It may seem silly to itemize, but as you are unpacking it is easy to know jeans are in one box, t-shirts in another, and so on. This makes it easy to put away one box at a time as the items will likely go into the same drawer or go to the closet to hang up.

Shoes can be wrapped together in packing paper to keep pairs together and to keep pairs from scuffing one another. If you have the original shoe boxes, or compartments from the Container Store, then they will come in handy for packing your shoes. If not, simply wrap the shoes and place them in a box or two depending on how many pairs you have.

Mirrors and picture frames need to be wrapped with care to prevent the glass from breaking. Wrap fragile glass fronts in fabrics and use pillows or other cushion as dividers. You can also entrust professional Columbus movers to pack fragile items properly and crating especially large fragile items.

How that you have got your bedroom items packed, you are well on your way to an organized move. Best  of luck on your upcoming moving experience!