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Spice up the Color in Your Rental, Without Painting the Walls

Even if you are moving to Columbus and your renter allows you to paint the walls whatever color you like, you may not want the hassle of having to paint the walls back to a neutral color when your lease it up. Your trusted Columbus moving company has ways that you can add color in your rental without having to paint!

  1. Go old-school and find some awesome wallpaper. Temporary wallpaper is not called “renter’s wallpaper” for no reason; it is the best way to create the look that you want and add personal flare, without having the hassle of re-painting before you move out. However, you will want to be careful how much wallpaper you use, because a lot of these wallpapers come in patterns that are not ideal or visually appealing to decorate an entire room in. If your apartment or rental home is painted a neutral color, opt for a wallpaper that will compliment that color and use it to create an accent wall; this will also help to keep your decorating project simple. MAKE SURE that you get a wallpaper that does not require adhesives and can peel off without causing wall or paint damage.
  2. Accent rugs can be an ugly floor’s best friend. If you are renting and clearly cannot replace the current flooring, beautiful and colorful accent rugs are a great way to cover unattractive flooring and add pop to a room.
  3. Wall decals instead of pictures.  A lot of renters will require that you fill any holes that you make in the walls, which can be tedious if you hung a lot of pictures, murals, mirrors, or decorative pieces. Instead of putting a ton of holes in the walls, opt for wall decals that simply peel off. Wall decals are a great way to add personalization and expression to rooms, and they are easy to remove.
  4. Awesome furniture. Perhaps the BEST way to decorate your rental is by adding creative and colorful furniture. Adding small, brightly painted or hand painted furniture pieces can make a room’s character.
  5. Mix and match patterns and textures. Another way that you can bring spunk to a room is by adding pops of color through patterns. Make sure that you do not go overboard with patterns, but find ones that complement each other and are within the same color family. If you have a solid couch and corresponding solid color furniture set, add patterned and different textured throw pillows and blankets to give the room more character.

You do not have to paint in order to spice up and customize your rental, All My Sons Moving & Storage not only has tips to help you turn your rental into your home, but also can help make your move easy and stress-free, so that you can get to decorating!