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Columbus Movers Present: Closet Organization

As the summer fades, so does the need for flip flops. Why not take a weekend to prepare your wardrobe for fall and the cold months to follow? Closet organization is one of life's great mysteries--some people have it down, some people can't get it quite right. The Columbus movers want to help you examine your closet problems and fix them. Visions of an organized closet are only a few steps away.

Take inventory. This is the hardest part for most people. Taking an honest  look at what you have and what you should get rid of scares the life out of some people. Often, this is where our inner-hoarders come out. No, unless your Britney Spears, you probably have no use for sequin leggings. Get rid of them! And, hanging on to your peach Dumb & Dumber style suit is just that...dumb! If you absolutely must keep costumey items, at least space bag them out of the way to make room for things you can actually wear to school, work, and in public for the most part.

The next step is vital. Once you've decided what to give away, go at that very moment to Goodwill and get rid of it. Leaving it in the corner of your closet does one of two things: sticks around for you to reconsider (bad) or forget about and eventually just throw away in a random cleaning frenzy (also bad). Do yourself, and humanity, a favor and donate your undesirables. If you really wanted them, you wouldn't have second guessed them anyway. Your goal is to build a closet filled with essentials, loves, and must haves. Anything less doesn't deserve your time--or space!

Figure out your organization method. Every girl since Clueless wanted a 360 rotating color-coded closet, but let's keep it realistic. For example, decide where pants will be, where dresses will go, and what to do with purses. Overhead bins and 3-drawer shelves are a great way to keep purses together but also out of the way.

You can simply group by color, or go a little nutty and organize further by sleeve length. Yes, people do that. Also, you could organize by event--things strictly for work, things for social events, things for girls night out. When you feel you have nothing to wear in a category, you can wander a little and maybe revision your pencil skirt from work as a perfect match for your sheer blouse for Friday night. Voila!