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Valentine’s Day Presents After a Move

So you have officially moved in to your Raleigh home…congratulations! Now, in between unpacking boxes, scheduling the cable company, and getting to know your Raleigh neighborhood, you have to worry about getting a Valentine’s Day present for your significant other. Do not let that stress you out, because your Raleigh relocation specialists have some moving tips for Valentine’s Day presents.

Help them cross things off their list. There is plenty to do around your new Raleigh home, so take some chores off of your sweetheart’s do-to list. If they are planning on painting the living room, start the project while they are at the store or sleeping in. If they are planning on unpacking the closet, but are dreading it, take that weight off of their shoulders. Doing something you know they are not excited about, will show how much you care, and it will be more appreciated than something you buy at the store. Plus, you will be killing two birds with one stone since it needs to be done anyhow!

Make it feel like home. If your new home is missing something that your loved one will sorely miss, try to recreate it this Valentine’s Day. For example, if you sweetheart loved the garden in your old home, but your new yard is bare, plant a bed of flowers and a few ferns. This simple act will show how attentive and caring you are. If you are handy, another idea is to install light fixtures or fans in rooms that are missing them.

Do chores for the both of you. Getting chores done that you both can benefit from is a good idea too. You can stock the fridge, pantry and spice rack, for instance. The first grocery trip after moving is typically a major haul, so getting this chore done for Valentine’s Day will be greatly appreciated. If your bed needs new sheets or your windows need new curtains, these purchases will also be a big help! If your family moved in with a ton of laundry, knock that chore out of the way too.

Help your kids. Your children will need a lot of help, no matter their age, and this can be a big drain on your Valentine’s energy. To help ease your partner’s stress, help your kids out with moving in. Whether it is unpacking their boxes, making their beds, or setting up the computer, do what you can to make your sweetheart’s life a little bit easier. Plus, you will be making your kids happy at the same time! If your partner needs the house to themselves for a deep cleaning, get the kids out of the house. You can take them somewhere fun in downtown Raleigh for a bite to eat and a little recreational break from moving!

Moving to Raleigh can make getting the perfect Valentine’s Day gift a bit of a struggle, but your Raleigh moving and storage service providers know you will find the right way to say “I love you” this Valentine’s Day!