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Save Money and Make Moving Easier With These Packing Tips

Packing is something that many homeowners start stressing over or struggling with long before their Raleigh movers arrive to take away the finished boxes.  Although packing efficiently and economically can seem like a monstrous task, it really does not have to be.  Starting early and following these simple steps can make packing easy and affordable.

Start Stocking Up Supplies Beforehand

It's very rare for people to realize halfway through packing that they have bought too many packing supplies.  It's best to buy in bulk and, if possible, start looking for free packing supplies early on.  You can save any boxes and packaging that you receive, or you can drop into a grocery store or liquor store to ask for boxes, since food and beverage products are typically shipped in sturdy but reasonably sized containers.  Although boxes aren't the most expensive item, you will probably need dozens of them, so any that you can find for free will pay off.   

Use Items Around the House When Packing

Do not overestimate the value of things that you already own as either padding or packaging containers; many household items can do double-duty in this sense.  Your Raleigh movers should show utmost care when handling your belongings, but it still does not hurt to use clothing and towels to cushion delicate items or provide a layer between heavier items.  Storage bins, drawers, and even items like trash cans offer convenient and durable storage space; in the case of drawers and storage containers, you may not even have to unpack them when you arrive at your new home, if you plan your packing effectively. 

Accept that Some Things Must Go

Many homeowners start off packing with the best intentions, but they lose their enthusiasm after several boxes.  One way to prevent this burnout is by lightening the load you have to pack.  If you're having trouble talking yourself into parting with anything, consider putting some borderline items in self-storage for a few months; some small units are less than $50 a month, and you will find it easier after the move to get rid of items that you didn't think twice about while they were in storage. 

Slow Down and Stay Organized

Once you have pared down your possessions, organizing your packing is important.  This will not make the first half of your move easier — in fact, it should slow you down considerably — but after your Raleigh movers have left you in your new home with a mess of boxes, you'll be glad that you made the effort to organize.  Packing is a goal that has a finite end, while unpacking has no deadline, which is why you want to make unpacking easy on yourself.  Planning out how each room in your new home will be used is essential; then, you can pack boxes by destination to facilitate storage and unpacking. 

Starting early is the key to making most of these tips work.  If you are just starting to think about packing the week before your Raleigh movers are scheduled to arrive, you may have trouble keeping the process easy and affordable.  However, if you break the task down and start organizing and thinning out your belongings a few weeks before the big day, you should have no trouble pulling everything together and having a relatively easy, low-stress move.