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3 Rules to Streamline Moving Your Home to Raleigh

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when moving your home to Raleigh. It can seem like there is far too much to do and just not enough time to get it all done. How about some advice from the pros? All My Sons Raleigh has been in the moving business for years. During that time, we have learned the ins and outs, and best practices for moving. It starts before you’ve called your local Raleigh movers, though. Of all the moving advice you are likely to hear from friends, family, and on the internet, one piece of advice cannot be overstated - get rid of the junk!

Hoarders and indecisive people reading this article just felt a cringe, but if you want streamline moving your home to Raleigh and make it as effective as possible, you must make your move clean and tidy. Our Raleigh movers suggest grabbing a trash bag and taking a seat.

Sentimental Box – Don’t let nerves or nostalgia cloud your judgment. Think of your move to (or from) Raleigh as the exciting opportunity it is. You are embarking on a journey to create new memories in a new home. Sure, you have possessions that are important to you and always will be, and that’s fine. But, if you continue to cart around all your old memories, you are not leaving room to create new ones. Limit yourself to one box for nostalgic, non-useful items. Feel the excitement and energy of the move; it’s time to create some new memories in your new place!

The 6 Month Rule – If you haven’t used it in 6 months, don’t pack it, trash it. You need to be practical and efficient when you move. The best movers are those who can objectively trim the fat off every move. Don’t hang on to that shirt you haven’t worn in a year - do you honestly think you’re going to wake up one day, a few months from now, and change your mind about that shirt, or that tie, or that pool towel? Chances are likely that you will want to purchase a brand new shirt or towels by then, so toss it!  The 6 month rule should apply to everything in your home. If you have not used it in 6 months, get rid of it. Purging your belongings is the very best thing that you can do for your move, other than hiring full-service Raleigh movers to help.

Duplicates – If you found eight different pairs of sunglasses, three laptop keyboards, and four iPad covers, keep the best of each and throw out the rest.  Don’t listen to that irrational voice in your head that tells you: But maybe I’ll need this really really soon! You won’t need that many sunglasses ever. And if you do, buy another pair when you arrive in your new town. Going out and buying new things in your new town is a great way to explore and figure out where things are. Create these opportunities for yourself whenever you can!

Moving your home to Raleigh is going to take time, energy, and resources; but, you can make the process easier and streamline it using a local moving company. Whether you can handle all of the downsizing and packing, and just need someone to help with the heavy lifting and transport, or you need full-service movers in Raleigh to come help, All My Sons can make sure that your move is simple and stress-free.