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Our Raleigh Movers Tell You All About Closing on a House

So you’ve dealt with a realtor, pounded the pavement, visited open houses, negotiated for a better price on your dream home and you are finally ready to ‘close’. At ‘closing’ you’ll be finalizing the purchase of your new home and also your home loan, if you’re taking out a mortgage. To help you with what you should expect and help you understand the process a little more, the Raleigh movers with the help of Trulia.com have listed below a few of the steps involved at closing.

Before the actual ‘closing’, you’ll do a walkthrough of the property so that you can confirm its condition as specified in the sales contract.

You’re expected to pay for your share of the closing costs and the down payment on your future home. So make sure to have with you a certified check or a cashier’s check to complete this transaction. Your lender will bring a lender’s check with the remaining balance that’s due on the home, in order to finalize the sale. Your HUD Uniform Settlement should have all the details of the closing costs included, the monies involved in the sale and who’s responsible for them. Closing costs can include loan application fees, title search fees, appraisal, transfer taxes, inspection fees, escrow deposits, recording fees, down payment and more. They vary from state to state and lender to lender. They can range from 1% to up to 8% of the purchase price of the house. But, you’ll know about your closing costs before the actual closing day, because your lender will give you a detailed statement of what they are. This statement is called a Good Faith Estimate, so you’ll be prepared.

At closing, you’ll also be required to show identification. So make sure to have your driver’s license or even passport with you.

To transfer ownership of the home, both the buyer and seller have to sign several documents. You might have to sign a bunch of them including the purchase agreement, a promissory note for your loan, mortgage documents, title documents, the settlement statement and the truth in lending statement. The seller will most likely have to sign the settlement sheet and the deed to the home to transfer ownership of the property to you.

Next comes the fun part: The keys are given to you, the new owner of the house. Once you have the keys, you’re ready to move in.

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