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Spotting a Rogue Moving Company

Now that you have an upcoming move to Raleigh, your first thought is to book a reliable mover. While shopping around for movers you might question their credibility since you want to make sure the move will operate with no complications. Sure, you can read reviews on websites like Moving.com, however, you still need to be attentive of other signs of a sketchy moving company. Our Raleigh movers describe what to look for in order to detect a rogue moving company.


No Onsite Inspection

Our professional movers recommend asking for an onsite inspection of your household items when you are trying to detect a rogue moving company. If the movers in question don’t offer an onsite inspection but are quick to give you an estimate online or over the phone, move on to the next company. Usually, these quotes tend to be so low that it seems too good to be true, and in most cases, it is.


They Don’t Have a D.O.T. Number

As you attempt to detect a rogue moving company, inquire about their D.O.T. number. The Department of Transportation (D.O.T.), is a government agency that issues unique license numbers to commercial vehicles to verify a moving company’s information, conduct audits, investigate crash incidents, and handle safety inspections. [1] It is illegal to run a moving company without a D.O.T. number and rogue moving companies avoid applying for one to save money, which is ultimately a safety risk if their equipment and vehicles aren’t properly maintained.


Get Everything in Writing

Don’t just simply shake on the agreement when hiring moving companies, make it clear you expect documentation with a signature before anything else. If you make the agreement verbally, the movers can vanish into thin air along with your payment and belongings. Before you officially hire a moving companies, you must always make sure to have documentation detailing your agreement, a signature, and your own physical or digital copy of the agreement. Remember to also read the fine print and ask questions to clear up any confusion before signing on the dotted line.


References from Family and Friends

If you need help to evaluate moving companies, you can save a lot of time when you ask friends, family, and colleagues for recommendations. Of course, they’ll recommend reliable movers like our Raleigh local movers to ensure you’ll get the best service in town. Their moving company recommendation should be based off a satisfactory customer care experience along with the affordable cost. They also can provide a list of moving companies you should avoid to help you narrow down your choices.


North Carolina Movers You Can Trust

To ensure you’ll receive the best customer care for your upcoming move, contact our Raleigh movers. As you detect a rogue moving company or few in the area, you’ll find our reputable professionals are not one of them. We have over two decades of relocation experience in our repertoire, therefore, you can safely rely on our licensed movers. Our moving company in Raleigh provides a variety of standard relocation services to meet any of your moving needs.  Don’t delay, call 919-957-9730 today for your free moving quote. Happy moving!



[1] Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration – Do I Need a USDOT Number?