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How to Spice Up Your Outdoor Space

Don’t let the rest of summer pass you by, just because you have to pick up and relocate to Raleigh in the middle of it! Why not take this opportunity to turn your new home’s patio into the outdoor space you always dreamed of? Even if you do not have a ton of time to spend on the project, there are still a ton of ways that you can quickly improve your new patio in Raleigh. Check out a couple of these tips from your local Raleigh movers and spice up your outdoor space in no time!

  1. Bring the Outdoors Inside. Add folding glass walls for an instant way to take advantage of the beautiful outdoors that Raleigh has to offer, while remaining cool inside. This will allow the outdoors to come inside, without you having you even venture outside! For the times when it is too cold or too hot to go outside, you can still appreciate the outdoor views throughout the entire year; after all, that is one of the reasons why many people move to Raleigh.
  2. Add a Fire Pit. Sure, while it may be hot outside right now, it most certainly does not mean that it is going to stay that way. In anticipation of winter, add a fire pit to your home’s patio and watch how your home turns into the go-to spot for get-togethers. A fire pit is not only a great focal point for the design of your patio, it also serves as an ideal way to gather everyone in one place for a night full of conversation; a perfect way to get your neighbors over for a relaxing housewarming after your move to Raleigh.
  3. Install a Patio Pergola. Not only will a pergola provide much-needed shade from the sun, it will also effortlessly make your patio cozy and inviting. Just add some bistro lights to the top of it, a homey fireplace, a grill, and extremely comfortable patio furniture for the perfect patio that your guests will never want to leave.
  4. Choose the Right Furniture. Few things are worse than spending a fortune on patio furniture that you spent hours searching for, only to have it destroyed at the first sight of bad weather. In order to avoid this, choose durable patio furniture that is sure to withstand all of the elements. A great option is to incorporate concrete built-in seating – that way you can simply add pillows and cushions that can be removed when the threat of bad weather comes your way.
  5. Pick the Right Patio Accessories. Sure, you can pick out the same basic patio furniture that everyone else has in their homes, but why would you? Use your relocation to Raleigh to indulge in purchasing some outdoor furniture that will stand out from the rest. Research some patio themes and find unique pieces for your outdoor patio set. Check out your local Raleigh craftsmen and artisans for some one-of-a-kind finds that will give your patio an artistic flair.