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Save on Home Costs

Moving into a new home certainly has its share of expenses. With everything from hiring a professional moving company to the actual upfront costs of moving in like security deposits if you're renting or the actual cost if you purchase a house, there are lots of ways to empty out your wallet. However, there are certain things you can do to prevent you from spending more money than you have to. For one, you should always negotiate on repairs and maintenance services of your home. Don't accept the price you're first given. Especially these days where the economy is not in the best state, people are struggling for work. Contractors for example are still feeling the slump. Just this past May, 81% of contractors on Angie's List, a popular website, said they would negotiate labor costs. More than a quarter of them said they would drop the prices by more than 10%. The best way to find the best deals out there is to get several quotes, whether it's for a house cleaner, a landscaper or contractor. Remember to be flexible with a few factors, that might help you get a better price. For example, if a potential gardener is most busy on the weekends, say you'll require their services during the week. Even when they're not open to negotiation on the price, they might be open to offering you more for the same price, such as upgrades.

When you move into a new home, it's normal to want to have new furniture. Even if you're moving in with furniture you've already had for years, you can always change the look of your new home with a few decorative pieces. These days with higher shipping and materials costs, some furniture is more expensive. Look out for sales, especially in mom and pop stores that are interested in moving inventory along, since they're in constant competition with the big national stores. In the mom and pop shops, you'll have much more room to negotiate. In fact, most owners are use to the bargaining banter. You can purchase floor models to save even more. And make sure to sign-up for emails from furniture website for regular discounts.

If you were in the market to buy a home, lower your upfront costs by negotiating deals surrounding the closing costs. These can be shared with the seller and/or lender.

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