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To Rent or Own: Raleigh Movers Wonder

With so many moves in the last few years, as a local Raleigh moving company, All My Sons of Raleigh has seen and heard so many stories involving the state of the economy and whether it’s wiser to rent or wiser to own. Of course, there’s always two sides to any story, and the situation on real estate isn’t any different. Owning a house does have its advantages. Besides the glorious title of homeowner, you can practically do what you want in it. You can repair, improve, paint, even change the structure of the house should you wish to place a wall somewhere or add an extension to make it better. Unlike a renter who has to ask permission from their landlord to the smallest things like paint the apartment or home in another color or change an appliance. Owning your own home is being free.

There are also financial advantages to owning a home like tax deductions. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows homeowners to deduct mortgage interest, property taxes and some other expenses regarding owning a home when you file your annual tax returns. Homeowners also have tax benefits when they sell their homes. Currently, the tax law allows the exclusion from taxable income of up to $250,000 per person in capital gained from the sale or exchange of the property used as a primary residence. Of course, the downside to all of this is that you’d actually have to be able to pay for owing our homw in the first place. Renting doesn’t require to put a down payment of several thousands of dollars nor does it require you to pay any of the closing costs and property taxes that come standard with being a homeowners. Renting can be cheaper even if your monthly mortgage can equal the price of rent.

Another benefit to renting versus buying is that repairs and improvements are all paid for by the landlord. So you have only your monthly rent to worry about and possible your utilities. Some landlords or even rental communities include the utilities in the monthly rent. Some places even include air conditioning, basic cable and internet access. When you rent, you also have all the lawn maintenance taken care of, and you might even benefit from amenities like valet parking, a fitness center, a game room or even a pool.

In the end, the Raleigh moving crew realizes that the question of whether to rent or buy is a very personal one. It depends on many factors including finances, location and preference. But whether you own or you buy, you’ll need to have great movers. All My Sons of Raleigh are very experienced professional movers who service many different cities in North Carolina including Durham, Greensboro, Raleigh of course, Apex and Cary. So if you’re moving, you need to be calling All My Sons of Raleigh.