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Registering to Vote in North Carolina

Election time is just around the corner, and so is the deadline for registering to vote. If you’re planning a move to Raleigh, our Raleigh long-distance movers recommend you make sure you know the process for registering to vote in North Carolina. Not every state has the same voter registration requirements, so it’s important to understand what the regulations for your state are before moving.

North Carolina has minimal restrictions on what is needed to be able to register to vote. You will need your standard form of ID and a voter’s registration card on election day, but before that, you will need to make sure you meet the requirements to register to vote. Our local Raleigh movers have gathered the requirements for registering to vote in North Carolina to get you up to speed.

North Carolina Voter Registration Rules

•To register in North Carolina, you must:
•Be a citizen of the United States
•Be a resident of North Carolina and the precinct in which you live for at least 25-30 days before Election Day
•Be 18 years of age by the day of the next general election
•Have your rights of citizenship restored if you were convicted of a felony
•Not registered to vote in any other county or state


If you miss the 25-30-day registration window, you can always use same day registration during early voting. If you’re going to use same day registration, you will need the following:

•North Carolina driver’s license
•Other government photo ID with name and current address
•Utility bill, bank statement, or payroll stub with name and current address
•Student photo ID with a school document showing the student’s address
•Any document from a government agency with the voter’s name and current address.


Where to Register to Vote in North Carolina?

Our Raleigh movers understand the importance of having your voice heard in the election and have created a list of places you can visit if you’re interested in registering to vote in North Carolina.

•Visit your county Board of Elections during regular business hours to register.
•Download a registration form and mail it to your county Board of Elections at least 25 days before the election.
•Get a voter’s registration form at any public library.
•If you are a student, high schools are required under state law to provide registration forms for your use.
•Visit your local Department of Social Services or a public health office.
•Visit any DMV when applying for a new or renewed license.
•Register at a voter registration drive.

What Happens After I Register to Vote?

Around three weeks after you have turned your information in, you will receive your voter registration card in the mail. The card will have the name and location of your voting precinct listed as well as your polling area. In our state, it is not necessary to have your voter’s registration card with you when you vote.

Should you not receive your card in the mail on time, contact your County Board of Elections to make sure your form was received and is processing.

To see if you are already registered to vote, or for more information on registering to vote in North Carolina, visit Vote.org or NCVoter.org.


Now that you are more familiar with registering to vote in North Carolina, you can focus on your big move. Call our moving company today to learn more about our moving services and any further North Carolina questions.